About Curvature



From the very beginning, we had an idea. We had a vision that we could help our customers run their IT better, smarter, and more efficiently; but also, more focused on the things that really matter. We revolutionized the secondary market for networking equipment, and we're not stopping there. We've created new standards of excellence in the industry: faster ways to ship and expedite, smarter ways to maintain and guarantee performance, as well as new products, services and expertise all geared to making our vision a reality. At Curvature, we liberate our customers from the compromises they are forced to make every day. We show them ways of running their IT that they didn't know were possible. At Curvature, we see IT differently. We see opportunities, not obstacles. Flexibility, not rigidity. New solutions, not legacy objections. We see a better way.

Curvature understands the challenges of modern Technology Decision Makers. Whether planning for, or in the midst of migrating legacy products to new platforms, integrating Cloud into a data center strategy, consolidating hardware, or dealing with the proliferation of data and devices – all while attempting to stay on time and within budget – we provide options.

Extend the life of your IT resources
Keep what is working for you today, whether the original vendor supports it or not. We help you decide when, how, and what to upgrade.
Choose the products, features, prices, and support that are best for you
We offer an array of options on new, pre-owned and previous generation, third-party, and Curvature brand products and services.
Support and maintenance alternatives
You can eliminate many of the wasteful practices that traditional OEM models force by continuing to use products past the end-of-support date they have established. You can have peace of mind knowing that we will continue to offer support and replacements for those products for as long as you choose to utilize them.
A new strategy for your network
By partnering with Curvature and defining end-of-life and upgrade strategies that meet your needs, you can utilize assets longer and delay capital expenditures until you are ready for them. This simple strategy may sound like common sense, but it is vastly different from industry norms, and can provide significant cost savings and competitive advantages for many organizations.
The Curvature Quality Guarantee
Widely regarded as the market leader in quality assurance and service, Curvature's ISO 9001:2008 and TL 9000 certified quality management systems offer tested protocols emulating a full range of real-world environments. All pre-owned equipment is rigorously tested under these protocols in our Spirent® Test Center and are "Curvature Certified," guaranteeing better-than-new performance. Every pre-owned equipment purchase includes Curvature's lifetime warranty. Additionally, Curvature offers 24x7x365 certified expert technical support, next-business-day equipment fulfillment, and NetSure® — a comprehensive monitoring, maintenance, and management program.
Who is Curvature today?
Curvature is a global presence with corporate locations in the US, the Netherlands and Singapore. Our heritage as the world's largest supplier of pre-owned networking gear — combined with the strategic roadmap that has added many new product portfolios and solution offerings — allows you to rely on Curvature for today's most advanced data center and networking solutions.  You can use Curvature's dynamic channel strategy — combining the best of pre-owned with equipment from new partnerships — to deploy solutions at a fraction of the cost of traditional channel partners.

"This company is about achieving excellence every day, every deal, every customer, every time."