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SMS and Curvature are Merging - We See IT Differently

We are wildly excited to announce that SMS and Curvature are merging to become one.

March Equipment Madness: IT Hardware Upgrades and Second-Round Picks

We're taking a look at how sports teams (and IT Departments) make purchasing decisions.

Giving Old Servers a New Lease of Life

We recently asked our audience on LinkedIn this question: Did you know your servers are built to last between 6-10 years?

How a bug-ridden $35 million IT investment led to bankruptcy

Many of us enjoy the occasional game on our smartphones. Some more so than others, but there's no doubt that mobile games are big business.

Third-Party Maintenance Enables Organizations to Make Smarter Decisions

Hardware manufacturers have been very successful at influencing the market in recent decades.

Not All Software Updates Are Created Equally

It used to be a pain to update anything on your phone. If you bought a phone with a buggy OS, it stayed that way until you bought a new phone. Or,…

7 Tips to Disaster-Proof Your Critical Business Data

As an IT Professional, you pride yourself on uptime and protecting your company’s critical data. If you are lucky, you will never experience…

Gartner ITAM 2016 Recap | IT Infrastructure Solutions

For the second year in a row, Curvature attended Gartner ITAM 2016 and had one of the highest attended speaker sessions at the conference.…