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Blog Archive 2017

7 Tech Dad Jokes for Father's Day

Let’s take a look at some of the worst dad jokes from the fathers of the tech industry.

What Happens During a Global Merger

The merger of SMS and Curvature – two of the biggest independent IT solutions providers in the world – isn’t something that happened overnight.

Gartner IOSS: An Independent Provider Takes Center Stage

SMS | CURVATURE can empower your business to be stronger, more nimble, and more efficient.

Your Product is Going to Fail: The Bathtub Curve

Even though you can't escape the bathtub curve, you can choose where you land on it.

How to Hack Your IT Budget for Innovation & Cost Optimization

What are we doing positioning ourselves next to a behemoth like Google? Let us explain.

Guess How Many Plastic Bags Singapore Uses in a Year

Our work promotes green IT practices that are not just financially beneficial, but also environmentally friendly.

Top 3 Tech Hoaxes: Is There a Sasquatch in Your Server Room?

With April Fool’s Day this past weekend and stories of gullibility in the air...

March Equipment Madness: IT Hardware Upgrades & Second-Round Picks

Let's look at how sports teams (and IT departments) make purchasing decisions.

Giving Old Servers a New Lease of Life

We recently asked our audience on LinkedIn this question: Did you know your servers are built to last between 6-10 years?