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Blog posts in 'Hardware'

Your Product is Going to Fail: The Bathtub Curve

Even though you can't escape the bathtub curve, you can choose where you land on it.

Top 3 Tech Hoaxes: Is There a Sasquatch in Your Server Room?

With April Fool’s Day this past weekend and stories of gullibility in the air...

March Equipment Madness: IT Hardware Upgrades & Second-Round Picks

Let's look at how sports teams (and IT departments) make purchasing decisions.

How a bug-ridden $35 million IT investment led to bankruptcy

Many of us enjoy the occasional game on our smartphones. Some more so than others, but there's no doubt that mobile games are big business.

Third-Party Maintenance Enables Organizations to Make Smarter Decisions

Hardware manufacturers have been very successful at influencing the market in recent decades.