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Chris Stone

Chris Stone
Global Product Line Director

Chris brings deep product and industry knowledge, as well as market experience to Curvature. He oversees IT sales, marketing, sales management, and procurement. Since 2010, Stone has served as the Director of UNEDA (United Network Equipment Dealers Association), a worldwide alliance of over 300 companies dedicated to both eliminating counterfeit and fraud equipment from the secondary market and promoting industry best practices to ensure high quality standards.


Blog posts and articles by Chris Stone

Connected Retail Stores Are Putting Pressure On Network Resilience Business Solutions
read more

10 Things You May Not Know About Servers & Storage.
1. From a component level, servers may not vary much as you think from generation to generation. Typically processors and memory are the only core components that change within a server and it's typically a small change that may not impact your existing application. read more

3 Steps to Product Lifecycle Planning.
There are 4 important milestones in Cisco's product lifecycle.  They are End of Life (EoL), End of Sale (EOS), End of New Service (EoNS) and Last Date of Support (LDoS). read more

Top 10 Servers, Storage & Networking Products 2015.
CISCO CATALYST 3850 SERIES SWITCHES: while the Cisco Catalyst 3850 may seem like another 24 & 48 port gigabit Ethernet enterprise access layer switch like the last one Cisco made, it’s not. read more

Consolidation, Power Conservation and 10 Gigabit Ethernet.
While the growth craze for flexible high-bandwidth connectivity continues, specifically 
10 Gigabit Ethernet switching and routing, so does demand for redundancy, scalability, space consolidation, and power conservation. read more

5 Tips for Selecting Your Next Router.
Selecting a router for your next deployment doesn’t need to be as daunting as you might expect.  Understanding your environment and knowing your requirements before getting into the vast array of routers available will make your job much easier—and you will find a more suitable solution. read more

Don’t Get Caught Flapping.
During the last week, has your router reloaded, gone down, or had BGP problems?  Over the last several days, the internet routing table BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) has grown to over 512,000 routes and some routers (even high-end routers) don't have sufficient memory to handle a full table. read more

What's Selling and Why?
As the Product Line Director for servers, storage and networking at Curvature, I keep a close eye on what hardware is selling, what’s not, and why. read more

Don’t Bury Your “End of Life” Gear: Revealing Truths in the IT Atmosphere.
Most networking equipment is engineered to last 20 to 30 years. Although equipment is built for long life, OEMs will sell and support your equipment for just a fraction of the time.  read more

Breathing New Life into the Catalyst 6500.
For years, Cisco customers have been wondering what the future holds for the popular Catalyst 6500 Series. read more