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What are the differences between “pre-owned”, “refurbished” and “used” equipment? What do “new surplus”, “new/open box” and “new/in box” mean?

Curvature considers all equipment it sells as “pre-owned,” meaning originally it was sold by the manufacturer or an authorized reseller and now is being resold. Some of our inventory is used and some equipment has been resold without being used. All Curvature’s used equipment has undergone full inspection, cleaning, testing and reconditioning to return the equipment to as close to original condition as possible. In some cases, equipment requires minor repairs or cosmetic improvement, and is then designated as “refurbished” Our goal is to return equipment to “like new” condition while offering exceptional savings of between 50 and 90 percent off manufacturers’ list prices.

“New-surplus” equipment has never been used and may also be described in terms of the condition of its packaging. Equipment that is “new/open box” can range in condition from mint to two or more years old, already resold multiple times, but has never been used. “New/in box” typically denotes the product is from the manufacturer’s distribution channel with its original tape unopened. In either of these cases, Curvature opens the boxes to verify the contents and ensure equipment meets specifications. As Curvature does not sell any new products, both of these instances would be considered “pre-owned” in our vernacular.