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Is counterfeit a big problem? How does Curvature handle it?

There is counterfeit networking equipment in the market, particularly with dominant brands like Cisco, but Curvature has seen counterfeiting decrease in recent years. In the 2001-2002 timeframe, we saw much more counterfeit equipment on the market, but efforts of manufacturers, law enforcement and secondary market resellers have significantly reduced those trafficking in these products. Today, the most commonly counterfeited items are lower-value modules like PIX cards and GBICs. In the effort to eradicate counterfeit equipment, Curvature has a Counterfeit Abatement Program (CAP). CAP includes a strict methodology for identifying suspect equipment, quarantining it for detailed inspection, documenting evolving counterfeiting techniques and maintaining a comprehensive knowledgebase used by Curvature quality technicians globally to ensure that all equipment is authentic and meets factory specifications. To help fight this battle industry-wide, Curvature is a founding member of UNEDA (the Used Networking Equipment Dealer Association). Part of this organization’s charter is to help ensure that counterfeit detection practices are shared among all the 300+ members. Awareness among resellers and customers is the best way to fight counterfeiters.