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Why do I need NetSure®? Doesn’t the Curvature Lifetime warranty have me covered?

Many people think that a lifetime product warranty eliminates the need for a maintenance and support contract. In some cases this may be true, but warranty, maintenance and support contracts are different and provide varying levels of support.

A NetSure® contract goes well beyond a standard warranty. When IT professionals talk about service contracts, a significant part of that discussion involves product replacement timeframe. Curvature offers varying levels of advanced hardware replacement timeframes including next-business-day,  4-hour, and onsite spare. These options are all available 24x7while the standard warranty is limited to 8x5. So, if you have critical network infrastructure that requires fast hardware replacement, regardless of the time or day of the week, NetSure® is a must-have component of your network strategy.

The technical support available to our NetSure® customers is also superior to our standard warranty support. NetSure® technical support is available 24x7, with a 30-minute response guarantee, and includes troubleshooting and configuration support. Our standard warranty support is 8x5 and is limited to verifying that the hardware has failed and authorizing an RMA. Of course, if in the process of verifying that the hardware has failed our network engineers find that the cause of the issue is not hardware failure, they will provide that information to the customer and help them to resolve the issue.

The quick response you get with NetSure® can dramatically speed up the time required to remedy a network problem, whether due to a failed device or a configuration issue. This can mean significant savings in both time and money for your business. However, if the hardware you’re purchasing isn’t critical to your business, then our warranty will probably suffice.