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Why did you change your name from Network Hardware Resale to Curvature?

Our roots are grounded in the resale of new and pre-owned network equipment and the name “Network Harware Resale” is recognized as the leader in the market.  However, over the years, by listening to our customers and creating products, services and solutions that meet their needs, we have grown to be so much more.  We needed a name that represented the current offerings we  provide to our customers;  a name that will grow with us much as our company has grown.  Our products and solutions have continued to evolve in direct response to the ever-changing business and technical requirements of our customers.  We selected the name Curvature for the most basic meaning of the word.  Curvature by definition is a measurement of change.  Our customers’ needs have changed since we began working with them and they will undoubtedly continue to change well into the future.  We feel that the name Curvature is expansive, global and it exemplifies our mission to help our customers stay ahead of the curve when it comes to their IT infrastructure.