Juniper E320 / T320 Routers

Used and Refurbished Juniper E320/T320 Series

Curvature carries an extensive selection of used and new-surplus Juniper E320/T320 Series. Our inventory includes popular products such as NetScreen 50 and E320/T320 Series as well as end-of-life and hard-to-find models. In many cases, we can deliver your Juniper E320/T320 Series next day. To request a quote, simply browse our selection and add a Juniper E320/T320 Series model to your online quote cart, or call us at 1-800-230-6638 for assistance.

All Curvature used and refurbished Juniper E320/T320 Series are rigorously inspected and tested to ensure like-new quality and performance. In addition to refurbished Juniper E320/T320 Series, new-surplus equipment is also available. In either case, Curvature pre-owned equipment provides cost-effective options to:

  • Expand your existing network without being forced to upgrade
  • Spare key network components to eliminate costly maintenance contracts
  • Build a best-of-class network at a fraction of list price

Industry Leading Warranty & Support

All Curvature refurbished Juniper equipment comes with our industry-leading lifetime warranty. If you should have technical questions about your Juniper E320/T320 Series or any other Curvature product, Curvature provides installation and configuration support from our expert technicians at no additional charge.

Turn Surplus Juniper E320/T320 Series Into Cash

If your Juniper E320/T320 Series purchase is part of an upgrade, consider selling your outdated equipment to Curvature. Find out more about our asset recovery and buy back services, and turn your surplus equipment into working capital.

E320 / T320 Chassis

E320 12-slot base chassis.

E320 / T320 Modules 10 Gigabit Ethernet

E320 full-height) 1-port 10GE IOA (requires pluggable 10GE XFP transceiver).
2-port, wire-rate, 10GE IOA for use with the E320 10Gb line modules (ES2-10GUPS2-MOD, ES2-10GACS3-MOD). This IOA has 2 physical ports for 1+1 port-level redundancy and uses pluggable transceivers (XFPs).
10Gb uplink line module.

E320 / T320 Modules DS3 / OC3 / OC12 Modules

E320 (half-height) 2-port OC12/STM4 ATM IOA (requires pluggable OC12/STM4 SFP transceivers).
E320 (half-height) 2-port OC12/STM4 POS IOA (requires pluggable OC12/STM4 SFP transceivers).
E320 (half-height) 8-port OC3/STM1 ATM IOA (requires pluggable OC3/STM1 SFP transceivers).

E320 / T320 Modules FE / GE Modules

E320 4G line module (LM4)
E320 (half-height) 4-port GE IOA (requires pluggable GE SFP transceivers).
E320 (half-height) 8-port GE IOA (requires pluggable GE SFP transceivers).

E320 / T320 Modules FPC

T320 Flexible PIC Concentrator (accepts Type 3 PICs)

E320 / T320 Modules OC48 / OC192 Modules

E320 (half-height) 1-port OC48/STM16 POS IOA (requires pluggable OC48/STM16 SFP transceiver).

E320 / T320 Modules Router Processors

(1) Switch Interface Board for TX Matrix

E320 / T320 Modules SFPs

OC48/STM16 pluggable transceiver (SFP) - intermediate range.
OC48/STM16 pluggable transceiver (SFP) - long range.
OC48/STM16 pluggable transceiver (SFP) - short range.
OC12/STM4 pluggable transceiver (SFP) - intermediate range.
OC12/STM4 pluggable transceiver (SFP) - long range.
OC12/STM4 SFP, Short Reach

E320 / T320 Modules XFPs

10GE 40km single-mode pluggable interface
10GE XFP pluggable transceiver; singlemode 1310nm 10km reach
10GE short reach multi-mode pluggable interface

E320 / T320 Routing Engines

Control Board, Redundant
E320 100Gb switch fabric module (SFM).
E320 100Gb switch route processor (SRP).
E320 10G Access line module (LM10A). Support for Ethernet, Services, and Redundancy IOAs only (ES2-GE8S1-IOA ES2-SERVS1-IOA, ES2-REDUNDS1-IOA, ES2-10GES2-IOA)
E320 320Gb switch fabric module (SFM).
E320 320Gb switch route processor (SRP).
E320 (full-height) line module redundancy IOA.
E320 (full-height) IP services IOA.
Routing engine with 1600MHz panel and 2GB memory, Spare
Routing engine with 1600MHz panel and 2GB memory, Spare (JUNOS WW)
T-Series Sonet Clock Generator Board redundant option
Switch Interconnect Board, Base Bundle
Redundant Switch Interconnect Board
Switch Interconnect Board, Spare

E320 / T320 Power Supplies

E320 power distribution unit (PDU).

E320 / T320 Accessories

Control Board, Blank
Air filter for the E320
E320 mounting ears for a 19-inch wide rack.
E320 mounting ears for a 23-inch wide rack.
E320 fan tray.
E320 blank panel for unused full-height IOA slot.
1GB flash card for E320 SRP.
E320 blank panel for unused half-height IOA slot (required when only a single half-height IOA is used in a slot).
E320 half-height IOA bracket (required when a half-height IOA is in use).
E320 blank panel for unused line module slot.
E320 blank panel for unused SRP slot.
Rear Fan Tray, Spare, M320

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