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Lessons Learned in 2011 from IT Managers

Working with thousands of companies worldwide has given us insight into the challenges network operators face on a daily basis. From operating with shrinking budgets, minimizing down time and accessing and protecting equipment inexpensively without compromising quality...we hear you.

While you may have recently vowed to exercise more, eat healthier or spend less time on Facebook, we would like to offer you a few things to consider for your networking life. Based on feedback from our customers and lessons learned in 2011, we've compiled a list of tips for you to use going into 2012 that will help ease the pain of some of the networking challenges you may be facing.

Tips for a successful networking life in 2012:

1. Keep what's working.

Newer is not always better.
Just because Cisco announces End of Life on a product doesn't mean you are forced to find an alternative solution or upgrade your network before you're ready. NHR will continue to sell and support EoL products so you can keep what's working in your network.

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2. Don't waste time waiting for quotes.

Never wait more than 24 hours for a quote.
In fact, here at NHR we don't think customers should ever wait more than 4 hours for a quote. Your time is valuable and you need information fast…we understand that.

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3. Consider maintenance alternatives.

Don't leave parts of your network unprotected because SMARTnet® is too expensive.
Vow not to take risks in 2012 by leaving parts of your network unprotected. At NHR we believe full service 24x7 global support should be available at an affordable price for your entire network. NHR not only sells products that the Cisco channel no longer will, but with NHR's NetSure™ premium support offering (which gives you peace of mind that the products you buy will still be supported 24x7) you can dramatically extend the life of your network, and save money in the process.

Also, remember IOS updates are irrelevant when it comes to End of Life gear, so don't pay for SMARTnet® where you don't need it.

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4. Look beyond price.

Consider performance, speed and support.
When sourcing networking equipment always look beyond just the price tag. Measure a supplier's quality standards with industry certifications (TL 9000, ISO, etc.) and verified failure rates.

With over $200M in inventory, NHR delivers fully tested and configured equipment deployable out-of-the-box and performing better than new at a verified 0.5% failure rate.

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