NetSure Maintenance Program: 24x7 Support & Guaranteed Hardware Replacement

Network Maintenance Program from Curvature

NetSure® - The Smart Alternative to OEM Maintenance

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  • Gartner recommends keeping networking equipment longer than OEM timelines.
    - Gartner
  • 79% of organizations refresh their wired networking infrastructure every 5 years because the OEMs tell them to. 
    - Forrester Consulting
  • 85% of organizations discard legacy networking equipment because their current vendors no longer support it.
    - Forrester Consulting

NetSure offers a complete third-party maintenance solution which allows customers to maintain their infrastructure and refresh cycles on their own timelines versus the ones dictated by the OEM. Save as much as 50-90% on hardware maintenance and data center support without compromising uptime.

In an environment where IT managers are constantly challenged to manage infrastructure performance, mitigate risks, and manage costs, NetSure offers a complete infrastructure coverage solution to maximize performance, extend equipment life, and reduce cost without increasing risk. NetSure offers a customized and financially manageable solution for firms straining to meet infrastructure and budget requirements.

Backed by global distribution centers that can reach every major market in 24 hours, forward stocking locations for 4-hour replacement, and an expert technical team with 15+ years of network root cause analysis, NetSure guarantees 24x7 global technical support and advanced hardware replacement (options include next-business-day, 4-hour, onsite spare, and field support).

The NetSure Advantage:

  • Complete support alternatives for your entire data center – including networking, servers, and storage equipment
  • Extended life of existing infrastructure which can significantly reduce CapEx and OpEx
  • Advanced hardware replacement options (Next Business Day, 4 Hour, Onsite Spare, and Field Support)
  • Global 24x7 first call access to certified technicians with hands-on networking and infrastructure experience
  • Multi-generation hardware support, including OEM end-of-life (EoL) equipment
  • Simple, coterminous contracts with flexible terms and options for payment in multiple currencies
  • Customer-managed access to the NetSure Portal, Curvature’s web-based proprietary Contract Management and Ticketing system. Add and manage support contracts from any provider and use the NetSure Portal as a single point of reference for all items under contracts.
Don’t Pay for Software that is Free or No Longer Available
OEM maintenance comes at a high price when you consider that access to software updates is provided with the hardware purchase. Organizations that adopt a hybrid approach to infrastructure maintenance by leveraging NetSure can benefit from reduced OpEx in their maintenance spend. This allows organizations the freedom to re-prioritize their IT budgets towards more strategic initiatives versus just “keeping the lights on.”
Extend End-of-Life
Manufacturers often announce a product end-of-life (EoL) long before equipment upgrade or replacement is necessary. NetSure offers full support of current and previous generation equipment (for as long as you own it). This allows you to extend the life of your existing infrastructure and puts you in control of your refresh and upgrade cycles, leading to significant reductions in CapEx and OpEx.
As an example, read more about the Cisco EoL process.
Access In-House Global Network Experts
Our technical support engineering teams based in North America, Europe and Asia encompass a rare industry balance of expertise and service. Our 15+ years of root cause analysis and resolution identification provide an accurate benchmark, predictive key performance metrics and trend modeling (including mean time-to-failure and early failure predictors). NetSure support is backed by ISO 9001:2008 and a TL 9000-certified Quality Manangement System. Our OEM-certified engineers have hands-on infrastructure experience and offer personalized, 24x7 support for your infrastructure environment.
Read more about NetSure Technical Support.
Curvature’s LifeScan Lite enables organizations to leverage a hybrid approach to maintenance by providing NetSure vs. OEM fit assessment, key end-of-sale & end-of-life dates, potential CapEx and OpEx savings, and a NetSure quote for maintenance. LifeScan Lite can be performed with a customer provided equipment list.
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