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Testing Reports


TeraScale E-Series Test Results

Dell NetworkingThe industry's highest —

  • Gigabit Ethernet density with 672 line-rate ports
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet density with 56 line-rate ports
  • Throughput, processing one billion packets per second
  • Security scalability, supporting one million Access Control Lists with no performance degradation

— and ZERO packet loss hitless failover at Terabit speeds

Tolly and Ixia Tested: 672 Line Rate GE & 56 Ports of Line Rate 10GE (View PDF)

According to Tolly Group tests, the Dell Networking E1200 achieves 100 percent line-rate, zero-loss throughput across 672 Gigabit Ethernet and 56 Ten Gigabit Ethernet ports at all packet sizes. Tolly tests also confirm line-rate IPv6 forwarding at Gigabit and 10 Gigabit speeds. These tests, including validation that the E1200 processes 1 billion pps, mark the first time that The Tolly Group has benchmarked a Layer 2/Layer 3 switch/router that scales to such heights.

Based on the test results, The Tolly Group named the Dell Networking E1200 the "First" Terabit switch/router and "Foremost" in 10 Gigabit Ethernet density.

Test date: September 2004

Tolly and Ixia Tested: System Resiliency and QoS at Terabit Traffic Loads (View PDF)

According to Tolly Group tests, the Dell Networking E1200 achieved 100 percent line-rate, zero-loss throughput during removal of critical components from the system, including the Switch Fabric Module (SFM) and the Route Porcessor Module (RPM), while supporting over 1 Terabit per second of traffic. The Tolly Group also confirmed that the E1200 recovers from link outages in less than 2 milliseconds and that the E1200 scales to support service provider-class peers, supporting more than 1,500 BGP peers and 6 million paths. Further testing verified that the Dell Networking E1200 maintains all BGP, OSPF and Telnet sessions even when hammered by a multiheaded Denial of Service attack. Finally, The Tolly Group benchmarked the QoS functionality of the E1200 to ensure voice, video and data traffic types are handled according to policy parameters and with respect to latency sensitivity.

Test date: September 2004


Above is a photograph of the configuration used to test the performance and resiliency metrics of the Dell Networking TeraScale E-Series. During the tests, the Dell Networking TeraScale E-Series demonstrated 1 billion packets per second thoughput, making it the world's first Terabit switch/router, and ZERO packet loss hitless failover at Terabit speeds. The configuration required 96 Gigabit Ethernet and eight 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports from Ixia, in addition to cabling for 672 Gigabit Ethernet and 56 Ten Gigabit Ethernet.


C-Series Test Results

Broadband Testing and Ixia Tested: 384 Ports Line-rate GE Converged Services (View PDF)

Using the testbed over several weeks of testing, we found that the Dell Networking C300 chassis-based Ethernet switch is totally capable of running line-rate performance when fully loaded (1.536 Tbps throughput), port-configuration wise, while retaining high-availability. We created a series of tests that both proved the C300 capable of sustaining line-rate performance across all 384 ports and its ability to support a wide range of application types, notably real-time applications, through delivering very low latency figures. This is a perfect combination for almost any user scenario.

Test date: February 2008

S-Series Test Results

Tolly Tested: S2410 (View PDF)

The Tolly Group certified that the Dell Networking S2410 data center switch delivers ultra-low switching latency and high 10 Gigabit Ethernet performance. During testing, the Dell Networking S2410 demonstrated 100 percent line-rate throughput across all 24 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports at all packet sizes with latency of 300 nanoseconds - the lowest switching latency recorded to date by the independent testing group.

Test date: March 2006


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