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Advanced Technical Services (ATS)

ATS, Advanced Technical Services

Curvature’s Advanced Technical Services (ATS) provides clients with objective expert technical advice, independent of OEM influence. Our service ensures that your business requirements are thoroughly understood and addressed, while maximizing the return on investment in your existing network and data center infrastructure. Curvature ATS seeks to help you find the best solution to your IT problems, and not merely sell more hardware.  Clients of Curvature’s ATS are guaranteed to receive advice and options that traditional OEM services do not  provide.

Quarterly Business Review. Up to 4 times a year, Curvature will present a review of key metrics and events from the previous quarter to decision makers.

Technology and Product Knowledge Transfer. If requested, Curvature will provide knowledge transfer on new networking technologies, trends, and products. Curvature will work with the networking staff to determine the value of these technologies and products to the client’s business and network goals.

Advanced Design Services. Upon request, Curvature will assist with design services including feature and technology review, high-level network and data center design, customer design/project process review, and discussion of best practices surrounding these areas.

Network Analysis. Curvature will work with the client throughout the contract period to gather information about network performance and capability, and use this information to identify potential issues and offer recommendations for future growth. This service requires the use of Curvature’s lifecycle management tools.

Software Analysis and Strategy. Curvature will audit the software on the equipment in the network and report on vendor-published bugs, defects and security advisories. As requested, Curvature will develop a best-practice software strategy for the customer’s devices throughout their lifecycle. This service requires the use of Curvature’s lifecycle management tools.

Testing and Lab Strategy Review. Curvature will determine a suitable scope for network simulation using the Curvature lab. As business needs evolve, Curvature will, with the client, review any changes to the network and data center architecture and update the lab scope as needed.

Data Center and Network Lifecycle Management. Curvature will work with the client to develop a device lifecycle strategy. This will allow the customer to leverage their existing equipment to its fullest and prepare for new technology as new business needs demand.

Curvature Lifecycle Management Tools. Upon request, Curvature will deploy its infrastructure monitoring and inventory tools to provide a snapshot of the client’s networking device health and inventory. This information can be used by Curvature to enhance other ATS offerings or by the client for internal use.

Customer Focused Solutions

Curvature understands that networks are made up of products spanning several generations and focuses on supporting the network as it works for the client instead of an upgrade-centric strategy.

With this in mind, Curvature’s ATS product ensures that every portion of the data center and the network is optimized to ensure that the client’s business needs are best met.

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