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Jeff Zanardi

Jeff Zanardi
Former VP of Business Development and Global Marketing

Jeff Zanardi has a 25-year history of achieving business metric objectives for large, mid-sized and startup companies. He has held executive-level roles at Curvature, Cisco, StrataCom, British Telecom, Tymnet and Anderson Consulting. He holds a BS in decision and information sciences from Santa Clara University and an MBA in marketing and finance.


Blog posts by Jeff Zanardi

Finding Curvature’s Rightful Place at the Table.
As Curvature readies its strategic marketing programs for 2016, we’ve looked back on the events, campaigns and industry movements that created the most momentum for us last year. read more

Third-Party Maintenance Takes Center Stage at Gartner EMEA IT Event.
Last month, I presented at the annual Gartner IT Financial, Procurement & Asset Management Summit in London as part of our world tour of six Gartner events this year.  read more

Bi-Modal IT: What is it?
The basic premise of bimodal IT is that, up until now, IT organizations have been very steady, stable and methodical organizations when it came to implementing change. read more

A “Brite” Future is Within Reach—If You’re Equipped to Handle the Caveats.
Over the past year, buzzphrases like SDN, cloud, and IoT, reflected an onslaught of innovation and claims that IT is going to change forever. read more

How to Make the Most of Market Insights: Analyst Relations.
Analysts are passionate about helping others; the nature of their profession is helping companies find solutions, recommending best practices, and getting the right information in the right hands to help keep the market moving. read more

Is Your Business Focusing on the Wrong Thing?
As companies adapt to the fast-paced changes of virtualization, the cloud, and information management, they must reassess the way they allocate their IT dollars to make room for innovation. read more

Debunking the 5-Year Myth: Dictate Your Own Refresh Cycle.
 I’m willing to bet that many of you heard this as a child. If you’re like me, you probably believed it until you grew up and realized that some of these childhood myths just aren’t true. read more

Interop New York: The Changing Landscape.
As we approach the close of day 2 at Interop New York this year, it’s hard not to think about how much the show has changed. read more

Caution: Flapping Ahead.
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Gartner Summits: Maximizing Your Experience.
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Blurred Lines: The Future Roles of IT & Marketing.
In a recent Harvard Business Review spotlight article, The Rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist, the issue was raised once again about the increasingly blurred lines between technology and marketing goals within organizations. read more

What’s in a Name? Illustrating our Past and Communicating our Future.
This week you’ve been introduced to Curvature, the new name and associated message we’ve chosen to represent the evolution of our company. After reflecting on the name change, I’m sure many of you have questions.  read more

Useful Life – Know When it’s Time to Replace.
At Curvature, we focus on giving companies more control over their network. Because our main concern is finding smarter, more cost-effective ways to help you manage your tech assets, we’re interested in the decisions your company makes. read more

How Businesses Can Protect Themselves From Downtime.
At a crucial time when 76% of IT decision-makers are concerned with the rising pressures to reduce costs,1 Curvature engaged Forrester Consulting to quantify the voice, experience, and specific data points of six Curvature customers in The Total Economic Impact of more

Electronic Waste Management.
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Don't Pass Up On Big IT Cost Savings.
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CIO Early Adopter -Challenging the Status Quo.
Last year Curvature commissioned a study with Forrester Consulting to look at the IT maintenance landscape to analyze IT purchaser behavior and the overall marketplace. What Forrester found was that the number one concern of IT departments was to keep costs down. read more

How to Protect Your Entire Network.
Most IT managers overlook their network infrastructure and their associated maintenance contracts. For this reason many maintenance contracts are blindly renewed each year. Why? Because renewing your maintenance and support contracts year after year seems like the safest option. read more