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KC Killoran

KC Killoran
Global Product Manager for Servers & Storage

KC has more than a decade of hardware and software sales experience under his belt. With his widespread knowledge in sales and sales management, KIlloran works with Curvature employees and serves as a liaison between internal sales teams and clients. In December 2013, Killoran was awarded Employee of the Year for his contribution to the growth of the Servers & Storage product line at Curvature.



Blog posts by KC Killoran

10 Things You Need to Know When Choosing a Server.
When I get calls about servers, I first start off by gaining an understanding of the customer’s infrastructure and what OEM’s they standardize on. We want to get as much information as we can to make sure we can provide the customer with the most cost-effective solution. read more

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Selecting Your Next Server.
Often times we don’t efficiently support the servers that we are running. The processor is not robust enough, we don’t install enough memory, or sometimes we don’t consider port count. In order to ensure the best support for the servers in your network, check out these 5 questions everyone should ask themselves when choosing a server. read more

Servers & Storage: Oldies Are Still Goodies.
For a long time, the thought of buying pre-owned servers scared a lot of IT professionals. However, what we realized at Curvature is that sometimes going one or two generations back can be a cost-effective way to expand your network. read more