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The Curvature Promise

Das Curvature-Versprechen

Curvature is the undisputed global leader in independent, multi-vendor support and pre-owned network and data center equipment.

We extend the life of IT assets, consolidate multiple contracts into one, offer flexible service levels, and provide significant cost-savings on multi-vendor platforms and services, 24/7. And we are the only provider in the market that can deliver network, server and storage solutions at scale, with a global footprint. Through our robust portfolio of products and services, we help customers navigate the complex IT web of new and emerging technologies in a cloud dominated space. We identify “best fit for you” strategies that prioritize new technologies to embrace today in order to build a successful technology roadmap for tomorrow. By liberating customers from manufacturer constraints and daily support challenges, we Enable IT Freedom to our customers so they can invest more time and resources in pursuing technology and business innovations, and get game-changing benefits with minimal disruption to existing IT environments.

Curvature Offerings

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