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IT Equipment Relocation Service | Data Center Consolidation

Data Center Equipment Relocation Services

Relocation Services
Whether you’re moving your IT equipment within the building or around the world, a successful data center relocation or consolidation requires careful planning and execution.  Professional help is a necessity.  Curvature technical and logistics experts can support you through this often complex and underestimated process every step of the way.  We’ll help you anticipate and resolve unexpected challenges – big and small – long before they become problems, and minimize downtime by getting you back up and running as soon as possible.

Curvature Relocation Services employ by a multi-step process that includes:

  • Pre-move planning meetings with you to discuss all of the requirements, logistics, and details.
  • Detailed site surveys and visits at all required locations.
  • Complete preparation of all locations prior to the move that includes packing, labeling, and sequencing for a smooth and efficient relocation event.
  • Coordination and communication with outside vendors on all aspects of transport, coverage, and support.
  • Relocation event best practices such as non-batched packing and loading (if specified), climate controlled transportation, and hardware spares to avoid any unexpected malfunctions during installation and power-on.
  • Dedicated Curvature relocation team to provide a consistent and pleasant experience throughout the process.

Relocation projects can be expanded to include any of Curvature’s managed and professional services such as higher level system administration support, hardware reconfigurations and upgrades, and IT asset recovery.

Relocation Services Data Sheet

Need to offload IT assets and create valuable budget as you move?  Ask us about our Asset Recovery and Data Destruction services

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