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Discover, inventory and manage every IT asset.

Curvature’s infrastructure discovery and assessment service is an all-encompassing, manufacturer-independent, integrated discovery across server, storage, and network. It is designed to provide a snapshot of the user’s current systems, utilization on, and interdependency maps between their application ons and systems. The service combines tool-based discovery with technical SMEs to analyze and interpret collected data, with the assessment focused on optimization and overall IT and business strategy.

Key Features 

  • Strategic partnerships with leading discovery tool vendors give us the ability for a deep dive analysis across server, storage, and network, including application on dependency mapping.
  • Curvature is not driven by a manufacturer quota to sell products. Our discovery and assessments are hassle-free and focus on what the client needs.
  • Whether performing an onsite survey or auto discovery, our global reach means we can support any project.

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