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State of the Market Research Report

Keep the lights on in the data center

70% of IT budgets are used to merely "keep the lights on."

85% of organizations discard legacy equipment because their current vendors no longer support it.

21% of organizations leverage competitor third-party bids into their negotiations when purchasing service and maintenance contracts.

With digital technologies becoming entwined with every business function, organizations are undoubtedly looking to free up financial resources. IT trends in big data and the internet of things will require an IT budget that supports stronger data centers and new vendor maintenance strategies.

Read our report to learn how deploying new strategies in managing network hardware lifecycles will ultimately lead to new opportunities for reduced costs.*

Download our research report: "The State of IT Infrastructure & Operations" to learn about CapEx and OpEx cost savings you might be missing out on.

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* How to Reduce Network Equipment Maintenance Costs, Gartner, Inc. 13 May 2014

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