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Cloud Advisory

Curvature’s Cloud Advisory service, powered by CloudLogic, guides organizations through their cloud journey with a scalable, results driven approach to Cloud Enablement and Cloud Transformation.

Most companies moving applications to the cloud are tackling the challenges of transformation. Driven by a need for immediate ROI, trading CapEx for OpEx or driving new market agility and innovation, organizations need a define a clear integrated path to optimize their approach to a private, public and hybrid cloud environment.

Curvature has partnered with CloudLogic to expand the cloud offerings that we bring our clients. Our Cloud Advisory portfolio integrates two key elements for a successful cloud program; Cloud Enablement and Cloud Transformation.

Cloud Enablement focuses on cloud adoption in scale with shorter time to service, reducing risk and eliminating unforeseen issues. Enablement blends a combination of strategy and architecture to launch and accelerate cloud velocity and realize enterprise cloud capabilities sooner. Enablement also develops a cloud portfolio of services, governed and enhanced by a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE).

Cloud Transformation is the planning and implementation of a cloud roadmap to realize results. Cloud Transformation drives priorities to realize rapid, measurable results, while aligning resources to the long-term plan and governance. Using toolchains, our focus on requirements and outcomes, not products, eliminates errors and avoids pitfalls unique to cloud, ensuring business velocity. Once migrated, Curvature’s solutions help ensure the governance, policies and procedures are applied, in partnership with the CCoE, to continue transforming.

Cloud Advisory Solution Roadmap

Our Solution Roadmap represents the six key principals to a successful enterprise cloud initiative. Each stage is designed to build off the previous, but modular enough to be leveraged by organizations who are already headed down the cloud path.


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Cloud Enablement

Cloud Enablement focuses on industrializing cloud to enable the IT organization, tools and structure to accelerate cloud benefits. Using a decision tree structure, Cloud Enablement develops a program to drive cloud services in scale and accelerates IT’s ability to provide and support cloud capabilities. Cloud Enablement includes role-based surveys, analytics and working sessions to rapidly deliver actionable and tangible results.

  • Envision. Develop a cloud/hybrid program and strategy and CCoE.
  • Analyze. Discover your current environment and map affinities. Asset and application data are used as the baseline going forward.

Cloud Transformation

Cloud Transformation puts into action the outputs from Cloud Enablement. It evolves cloud maturity as you migrate, is designed for cloud adoption in scale, sets clear priorities and provides rapid results through workflow acceleration. Toolchains focused on requirements and outcomes, not products. CloudLogic is certified and partnered with industry leading cloud providers, for multi-cloud solutions.

  • Blueprint. Define the cloud architecture (single cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid) and determine application workload placement.
  • Develop. Build the cloud environment (target) and develop the detailed migration plan and migration runbooks.
  • Execute. Migration execution to the target environment, controlled and iteratively, layering in optimization for cost and compliance as you migrate.
  • Maintain. Operationalize cloud services, leveraging your CCoE to maintain and optimize cloud deployments.

Why Curvature

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  • Strategic partnership with CloudLogic, a leading cloud consulting firm, both with an un-biased vendor neutral approach to cloud initiatives.
  • Over a decade of experience with large-scale data center migrations and consolidations, follows a similar approach to cloud.
  • 30+ year of real time experience supporting IT infrastructure, globally.

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