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End of Service Life - NetApp

End of manufacturer service life means change is coming for your key hardware assets. You have a choice. Now would be a great time to incorporate third-party maintenance into your support strategy. Return to all EoL page.

Below are EoSL announcements. In an effort to keep you informed on important product lifecycle announcements, we will regularly make updates to these pages.

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End of Service Life (EoSL) Announcements by Manufacturer.
EMC | Dell  |   IBM  |  HPE  | Brocade | NetApp | Fujitsu | Hitachi | SUN Oracle | Cisco | Juniper



EoSL Date
DS 2246 2017-30-Apr
DS 4243 2017-30-Apr
E2612 2019-31-Dec
E2612 2019-31-Dec
E2624 2019-31-Dec
E2624 2019-31-Dec
E2660 2019-31-Dec
E2660 2019-31-Dec
E5412 2012-28-Jan
E5424 2012-28-Jan
E5460 2012-28-Jan
EF540 2012-28-Jan
FAS 3160 2017-31-Mar
FAS 3170 2017-31-Mar
FAS2020 2017-30-Jun
FAS2040 2017-31-Dec
FAS2050 2016-30-Jun
FAS2220 2020-30-Mar
FAS2220 2020-30-Mar
FAS2240 2020-30-Mar
FAS2240-2 2020-30-Mar
FAS2240-4 2020-30-Mar
FAS2520 2021-30-Apr
FAS3140 2017-31-Mar
FAS3160 2017-31-Mar
FAS3170 2017-31-Mar
FAS3210 2018-31-Dec
FAS3220 2020-31-Jan
FAS3240 2018-31-Dec
FAS3250 2020-31-Jan
FAS3270 2018-31-Dec
FAS6040 2017 -30-Apr
FAS6080 2017 -30-Apr
FAS6210 2018-31-Dec
FAS6220 2020-30-Apr
FAS6220 2020-30-Apr
FAS6240 2018-31-Dec
FAS6250 2020-30-Apr
FAS6280 2018-31-Dec
FAS6290 2020-30-Apr
V3210 2018-31-Dec
V3220 2020-23-Jan
V3220 2020-31-Jan
V3250 2020-23-Jan
V3250 2020-31-Jan
V6210 2018-31-Dec
V6220 2020-30-Apr
V6240 2018-31-Dec
V6250 2020-30-Apr
V6280 2018-31-Dec


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