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Emergency Procedures

In the unlikely event you are having difficulty reaching the Curvature 24×7 Help Desk by phone, through the standard dial-in procedures, please try emailing the Curvature Help Desk at

If you do not receive an email or phone response within 15 minutes, please dial our backup numbers in the order listed below to reach a live support representative immediately.

  1. +1.516.239.4310
  2. +1.516.239.4338
  3. +1.917.258.8084
  4. +1.866.947.9790

Solicitar un presupuesto

¿Consultas? Envíenos un mensaje de correo electrónico o llame para solicitar un presupuesto:

North America: +1 805 964 9975
Europe, Middle East and Africa: +31 (0)20 449 9292
Asia Pacific: +65 6411 7388

Solicitar un presupuesto