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Cisco Maintenance Solution - The Smart Alternative to Cisco SMARTnet

Third-Party Maintenance and Network Hardware Support


Curvature provides third-party maintenance on networking and data center equipment with our industry-leading NetSure® maintenance offering, designed to meet your budget and performance requirements without sacrificing quality or reliability. Save as much as 50%-90% on network hardware maintenance and support. All of your equipment can be covered, including routers, switches, servers, and optics and storage.

Don’t want to be locked into a SMARTnet® contract? Our independent alternative to Cisco maintenance provides flexible, full coverage that is customized for your networking needs. All NetSure options include complete network hardware maintenance and support, including advanced hardware replacement, 24/7 technical support by Cisco-certified network technicians, and access to the NetSure Portal.

Extending End of Life with NetSure

NetSure also supports current-generation and end-of-life products that Cisco no longer supports, saving you significant costs on Cisco maintenance and extending the life of your network. If you want optimize network performance while maximizing ROI, then a hybrid network maintenance strategy may be the right solution for you.

Quality and Reliability

Supported by our global NOCs, Spirent® testing centers, logistics capabilities, and TL 9000-certified quality controls, our third-party maintenance service protects your entire network and leaves nothing to chance, while saving you 50%-90% on network hardware maintenance.

TL 9000 certified             ISO certified