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Consulting Services

Curvature's consulting is based on real-world experience.


Curvature’s consulting is based on real-world experience. We feel sharing the experiences of thousands of global clients along with our asset life-cycle and data center experience is the best way to advise our customers. Our expertise has helped our clients with procurement, technology refreshes, cost savings, consolidations, network architecture, and even asset decommissioning.

Business Benefits

  • Advice from a company who has been there and done that
  • Ability to leverage data points from hundreds of clients and data centers
  • Brand neutral supporting an unbiased view

Service Details


Clients utilize our advisory consultants for key strategic direction for data center, infrastructure, network, and cloud initiatives. In many cases, our clients just need to know where to start, how much their initiative may cost, and about long will it take. That’s where Curvature can help.


Our server, storage and network assessments provide our clients an unbiased view of the collected data and it’s realistic usage. Whether it’s hardware support or technology life spans, our assessment means something because we live this every day.


Curvature’s Design services can help you manage the complexity businesses face in moving to the public cloud as well as SaaS products. We help you build an IT infrastructure that will deliver the capabilities needed by modern business and the infrastructure needed to meet your goals.

Why Curvature

Meet Curvature
  • Real time experience supporting all types of infrastructures and networks
  • Experienced consultants with an unbiased customer perspective
  • Proven results

“We were using Curvature for a migration project and our OEM didn't want a third party to move their gear and wanted to charge us much more. We had Curvature do an assessment of our maintenance with the OEM and they found that putting the equipment on Curvature maintenance not only solved this problem but we were able to fund almost the entire migration with the savings!"

- VP, IT, Major Investment Company

Saved 40% on support costs

Reduced migration price with credit

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