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Advisory Consulting

Clients utilize our advisory consultants for key strategic direction for data center, infrastructure, network, and cloud initiatives.


In many cases, our clients just need to know where to start, how much their initiative may cost, and about how long will it take. That’s one of the many areas where Curvature can help. We support all types of infrastructure in hundreds of data centers so we know what works (and what doesn’t) from real life experiences. This is what we do. Our specialties include:

  • Wireless assessments
  • Network architecture
  • Storage management
  • Server support
  • Migrations
  • Decommissioning and security

Business Benefits

  • Unbiased approach: We’re equipment-neutral and won’t try to sell you new technology when you don’t need it
  • Actual experience and customer perspectives to give you realistic advice
  • Device support information from our 30+ year database to help you plan your transformation with eyes wide open

Service Details

Our advisory consulting practice starts with initial meetings with your organization so we truly understand the need; we’re not trying to sell you some off-the-shelf practice. Once we understand your ask, we assemble a statement of agreement listing the questions you need answered and our approach to answering them in a timely, cost-effective fashion. In some cases, the service is stand-alone and in others it may be a part of a larger initiative. For example, we can help develop your data center or cloud migration strategies for you to gain executive approval to proceed. The service is typically charged at an hourly fee or can be structured as a fixed fee engagement.

Why Curvature

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  • Unbiased and technology-neutral approach
  • Real-life customer perspective advice
  • Global viewpoint

“I was told to move our environment to the Cloud. I had no idea where to start, how much it would cost, or how long. Curvature's five-day Cloud workshop gave us clear focus on what to do next. They even told us that not everything should go to the Cloud...unless we wanted to spend more. It was great to hear from someone who's been there and done that."

-- Sr. IT Director, Healthcare Company

Had clear migration vision in less than two weeks

Ability to communicate the cost and duration to the executive team

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