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We are delighted to announce that Curvature is joining Park Place Technologies.



Deployment of IT Equipment

Our Implementation Services includes Deployment of IT equipment at client specified locations. Both data center assets (server, storage, network) and end-user assets (desktops, laptops) are candidates for this service.

Deployment implies a larger, project-based service, following our Staging services and typically includes the physical installation of an asset and additional onsite tasks, bringing the assets to an “operational ready” status.

We are ready to tackle large, enterprise deployments on a global basis. Our deployments are performed under the direction of a Curvature Project Manager responsible for the execution of the signed project plan.

Key Features

Physical Installation

Some deployment projects only require physical installation and/or ‘swap-out’ of IT assets. While not complex, clients can be assured the installation is done following industry best practices. We offer Same-Day, Next Business Day (NBD) and Scheduled (2-day+) service levels for onsite resources when you need them.


Some projects require more involved onsite tasks in order to implement an asset(s). Curvature resources can execute specific tasks (e.g. installation checklist), perform some configuration and participate in higher level troubleshooting tasks when deploying the IT asset and bringing the asset to an “operational ready” status.


Implementation projects always benefit from active Project Management. Our level of involvement will be adjusted based on client requirements. This reduces risks for both clients and Curvature.

Business Benefits

Worker scanning products in warehouse
  • Cost: The ability for Curvature to perform installation and deployment on a global basis reduces costs associated with large-scale rollout or tech refresh initiatives.
  • Reduced Risk: Ensures consistency in the tasks performed at each installation location.
  • Faster Deployment: Project Managers ensure the organized execution of installation and deployment tasks as defined in the project plan.
  • Resources: Frees up resources with local ones that act as an extension of your team.
  • Single Vendor: One vendor for all your IT services needs with a web-based portal (singlePoint®) to initiate, track and report on service requests.
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