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Wireless Services

Curvature provides a full spectrum of services to assess, design, survey, install, and commission your wireless solution.


Wireless has come a long way in a short time, and your employees and clients don’t like “gaps in service.” So it may be time to transform your infrastructure. Curvature provides a full spectrum of services to assess, design, survey, install, and commission your wireless solution. Our team of project managers and engineers will collaborate with IT stakeholders to engineer a turn-key solution based on your requirements.

Business Benefits

  • Experience with complex wireless deployments at your disposal
  • Cost effective wireless implementations
  • Engineering excellence customized to your needs
  • Global experience and reach
  • Holistic approach to wireless (LAN, security, guest, etc.)

Service Details


Site Assessment

Our specialized service analyzes your environment (and the details of existing deployments) to address and overcome issues interfering with coverage. Passive, active, and detailed heat mapping of your environment is used by the team to optimize access point positioning and configuration for new or upgraded deployments.


A network engineer will review the existing WLAN infrastructure and provide design recommendations based on industry best practices. The scope can include wireless access points, wireless LAN controllers, switches, structured cabling and other devices as needed to establish a comprehensive wireless network. Your design will include optimized wireless coverage, data rates, device capacity, roaming capability and quality of service.


Many companies tasked with implementing a wireless network become frustrated while finding the required vendors and managing project complexities. Our project managers, engineers, and trusted partners handle all aspects of the installation and deployment, freeing up valuable resources to focus on the future.

Bundle With

Wireless Products

With the ability to provide tested and proven products alongside the newest technologies, Curvature can create hybrid, customized Network solutions designed specifically for you.

Network Maintenance

Independent Multi-Vendor Support on Switches, Routers, Wireless, Security

Why Curvature

Meet Curvature
  • Global experience in commercial, health, industrial, manufacturing, and corporate implementations
  • Vendor-neutral; we are not tied to a product line
  • Globally available engineering team
  • Project management of all deployment complexities
  • In-house team of CCIE-certified engineers to design back-end wireless network configuration and security
  • Customizable suite of add-on IT services that allow for additional cost savings, proactive planning and enhanced decision-making


What types of facilities are in scope?

We perform surveys in all types of facilities, including hotels, hospitals, offices, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities.

What survey tools does Curvature use?

We use two of the market-leading survey tools: Ekahau and NetScout AirMagnet Pro. Depending on customer preference, we will use whichever tool you prefer.

What types of wireless surveys can Curvature perform?

  • Passive – This survey tool listens to WLAN traffic to detect access points and measures signal strength and noise levels.
  • Active – This survey tool will associate to the access points and measure round-trip time, throughput rates, packet loss, and retransmissions. Active surveys are used to troubleshoot WiFi networks or verify performance postdeployment.
  • Predictive – A model of the RF environment is created. This model takes into account the construction of the facility and enables the engineer to optimize access point location and configuration.

Can Curvature deploy my access points?

Yes. We can provide turn-key installation, including cabling to the WAP location. We can install the WAP and ensure it’s live and connected to your controllers. After installation, we can commission the system to ensure end-to-end operation.

Can Curvature provide a full wireless solution connected to my LAN?

Yes. We are fully versed in engineering wireless solutions, from high-level design all the way to delivery of a working, functional, secure wireless solution.

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