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Solution Overview | Commodity Server Maintenance

Solution Overview | Commodity Server Maintenance


Solution Overview | Commodity Server Maintenance

Curvature is recognized as the global top performer for independent support solutions on servers and storage within the data center. Curvature provides customers complete break/fix support services and solutions spanning the majority of industry-standard platforms available today. People, parts and process: with over 100 “brick and mortar” service centers, staffed with our direct employed field engineers and wholly owned spares, Curvature provides consistent measured results while remaining agile to meet the ever-changing needs of the customer.

Curvature server maintenance solutions span the majority of industry standard servers (x86). Our comprehensive support deliverable is over 95% direct, with less than 5% requiring assistance through our a affiliate program. This degree of process ownership affords Curvature customers consistent and measurable support with complete transparency through our singlePoint™ portal.

Our mission is to enable IT Freedom to our customers; remove pain points and identify areas to improve both quality and efficiencies throughout our relationship.

Key Features

Curvature ClearView™ Assessment:

  • Procurement decision makers can benefit from our ClearView™ assessment as it simplifies and clarifies any risk to the environment and removes the concerns raised by the Technical team.

Technical decision makers will be skeptical if unaccustomed to third-party maintenance (TPM) providers, rather what should be termed Independent Service Solutions Provider (ISSP). A ClearView™ assessment and review with Product Management will clarify any risks and mitigate concerns so that they make an educated decision.

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