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IBM TS Series

The IBM TS series of tape products covers the rack-mountable or stand-alone single drive, single drive with autoloader LTO desktop variety, the small ATL desk top (which supports up to 4 drives), and the modular system (which supports 18 drives). The TS series expands to cover two enterprise level systems, along with two virtual tape library servers designed to work with the enterprise tape or also as a stand-alone disk system.


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The TS2200/2300 is an external half-height to full-height stand-alone or rack-mountable unit designed to offer high capacity and performance for mid-range system environments, available in LTO 3 through LTO 8 technology. The TS2900 is the half-height autoloader rack-mountable or stand-alone unit with a magazine that can hold up to 9 cartridges. This is available in LTO 3 through LTO 8 technology.

IBM offers the small 2 to 4 drive (half-height) TS3100/TS3200, which can hold up to 24 or 48 data cartridges with drives available from LTO 4 through LTO 8 technology. The larger TS3310 and TS4300 offer a scalable modular tape library designed to support up to 409 cartridges and 18 drives.

The TS3500 and TS4500 ATLs, which include tape drives specifically for the systems, are designed for enterprise connectivity via FICON and support the TS7700 Virtual Tape Servers that attach to it. The TS3500 scales to 192 drives with 16 drive/cell storage frames.

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