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Webinar: A Case Study Focused on Third-Party Hardware Resale and Maintenance

Thursday, 10/17
10am PDT / 1pm EDT
Duration: 60 minutes



Mike Sheldon
Mike Sheldon,

Reggie Lau
Reggie Lau,
Sr. Consultant, Forrester

Andre Kindness
Andre Kindness,
Principal Analyst, Forrester

At a crucial time when 76% of IT decision-makers are concerned with the rising pressures to reduce costs,1 Curvature engaged Forrester Consulting to quantify the voice, experience, and specific data points of six NHR customers in The Total Economic Impact of Curvature, a case study focused on third-party hardware resale and maintenance.2

This commissioned case study concludes that a 10,000-employee composite organization with $3B annual revenues would experience a three-year, risk-adjusted ROI of 119% over a payback period of less than 90 days when acquiring network hardware and maintenance contracts from NHR.

Register for the complimentary webinar to learn how your IT organization can achieve the following results:

  • Hardware and maintenance cost savings averaging as high as 65% and resulting in savings of $1.3M over three years3
  • Network downtime avoidance, which mitigated unplanned downtime from three hours to 30 minutes (over 80%), amounting to $788K saved over three years
  • Service efficiency, which resulted in reduction of equipment installation time by 75% and improved ticket resolution time by 50%, due to deploying preconfigured hardware and making expertise quickly accessible


1Challenging The Status Quo On Maintenance Contracts And Refresh Cycles To Lower Costs, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Curvature, May 2013

2The Total Economic Impact of Curvature, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Curvature, August 2013

3 Non-risk adjusted

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