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Arista & Cisco: Partners in the Data Center

Arista NetworksWith advanced networking hardware based on innovative software designs, Arista Networks has become one of the leading data center switching vendors in the market today, offering compelling features and unmatched performance for your modern datacenter requirements.

Curvature, an Elite Partner in the Arista Networks Channel Partner Program and the world’s leading reseller of pre-owned Cisco networking equipment, can combine the best of legacy and new products to create custom solutions that address all of your data center needs such as large scale BGP routing and firewalling. Combining legacy Cisco gear with new Arista switches is often the perfect formula for a high performing datacenter at manageable costs.

Curvature's unique position outside of the Cisco channel allows us to easily provide a datacenter solution that brings the best products from Cisco and Arista together and ensure a successful and scalable datacenter implementation. Our technical experts can help you develop a strategy combining old and new to meet your performance and budget requirements. Curvature offers a cross-platform trade-in allowing you to exchange your existing data center switching equipment for credit towards award-winning Arista equipment.

As an Arista Elite Partner, Curvature is able to offer you complete access to Arista's best-of-breed switching for the Cloud, Web 2.0, and Virtual Data Centers with the added amenity of Curvature's high quality customer service and deep discounts.

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