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Solution Overview | Commodity Server Maintenance

Solution Overview | Commodity Server Maintenance


Curvature is recognized as the global top performer for independent support for servers within the data center. Our server maintenance provides comprehensive break/fix support, spanning most hardware platforms from leading manufacturers. We provide consistent results while retaining agility to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

Our maintenance solutions cover brand names like Cisco, DellEMC, HPE, IBM, Oracle with optional call-home monitoring and enhanced software support.

Our mission is to enable IT Freedom to our customers by removing pain points and identifying areas to improve our availability and work efficiently throughout our partnership.

Industry Standard Servers (x86)

Intel (or AMD) x86-based supported products consist of Rackmount, Tower and Blade form factors, as well as trending multi-node Microservers. Examples of typical server families are outlined below:

Vendor Rackmount Server Blade Server Tower Server
HP_Enterprise_logo_80.png ProLiant DL series ProLiant BL series ProLiant ML series
Dell_EMC_logo_110.png PowerEdge R series PowerEdge M series PowerEdge T series
LenovoLogo_sm_80.png xServer (IBM xSeries) HS & LS series  
Cisco_logo_40.png Cisco UCS C series Cisco UCS B series  

Current development of supported models include vendors that make products based on the Open Compute Project (OCP) and Open19 project, such as Quanta, Super Micro, Huawei, Penguin, and WiWynn.

Complex Servers (Enterprise)

Curvature supports the vast majority of proprietary, legacy servers found within complex data centers today. Support for many of these servers have optional services available, such as Remote Enterprise Monitoring (REM) and enhanced software support solutions.

Vendor Enterprise / Mainframe Midrange Workstations
ibm_logo_80.png zSeries (Mainframe) pSeries (Power5 - 7)
iSeries (AS/400)
pSeries (​RS/6000)
HP_Enterprise_logo_80.png Superdome PA-RISC,
Itanium sx2000 through
SuperDome 2
Non-Stop (Tandem)
HP 9000 rp-Series (PA-RISC)
HP Integrity rx-Series (Itanium)
HP 3000 (MPE)
HP Workstations
LenovoLogo_sm_80.png DEC VAX 6xxx - 7xxx Series
DEC Alpha 8xxx - GS Series
DEC PDP 11-Series
DEC VAX 4xxx Series
Alpha 2x00 – 4x00 & ES Series
DEC Alpha 1xxx - DS
DEC VAXstation - MicroVAX
Cisco_logo_40.png Sun Fire 10K - 25K
SPARC M8000 - M9000
Sun Enterprise - Sun Fire V
SPARC M-Series
Sun SPARC station
Sun Netra

Key Features

ClearView™ Assessment:

At Curvature, we recognize the concerns of leaving the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for an alternative support solution, especially within your production environment. Our ClearView™ assessment provides the raw data, industry trends and OEM contract language to identify any risks associated with moving to independent support. Our goal? Provide you with transparency, eliminate the guesswork and OEM influence so you can make a fully educated decision. Ask to speak with one of our Product Managers today for your free ClearView™ assessment and take the first step towards realizing true IT freedom!

singlePoint Portal:

Transparency is what builds trust that develops and maintains our lifelong commitment and relationships with our customers. Our singlePoint portal will provide you and your team with full visibility on incidents in real time, offers complete contract management and affords you the ability to track assets outside an agreement with Curvature. This portal empowers you to better manage your assets and their lifecycle, plus eliminates any questions or concerns surrounding support delivery. Everything is visible, down to the field engineering comments and systematic timestamps identifying escalation points, SLO attainment and customer contact details. Reports can be customized and provide valuable content for quarterly business reviews with our team of service delivery experts.

Why Curvature? (Differentiators)  

People, Parts and Process

  • 800+ badged Field Engineers (Less than 5% contracted labor)
  • Global Central Engineering team provides development, training and L3 support
  • Wholly-owned spare parts inventory (non-shared logistics) located around the globe in 100+ Service Centers
  • Continual hands-on technical training conducted in our Centers of Excellence on live gear
  • Comprehensive development methodology to define support capabilities for all roadmap products, prior to support commitment


  • ClearView™ to identify support risks and make maintenance strategy recommendations
  • singlePoint portal to track service activity, and make contract management simple

Industry Leader

  • Recognized by Gartner as a "Top Performer" in Data Center Third-Party Maintenance

Enhanced Software Support Solutions

Curvature can provide support solutions encompassing level III telephone support and has developed strategic alliances with organizations who specialize on these platforms (some of whom own the source code).

Curvature can provide enhanced support solutions for the following operating systems software:

IBM: AIX, OS/400
Oracle: Solaris 8, 9 and 10

Eliminate the need to go back to the OEM for a software support agreement and review your options before playing the OEM shell game.

Server Maintenance  |  Storage Maintenance  |  Network Maintenance

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