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We are delighted to announce that Curvature is joining Park Place Technologies.



Sun Oracle Storage Maintenance

Extend your hardware asset lifecycle with a third-party maintenance strategy.


Curvature is recognized as a global top performer for independent support for Sun Oracle storage platforms. Our storage maintenance provides comprehensive break/fix support, and includes call-home monitoring. Optional break/fix software support and configuration advice are available.

Sun Oracle Supported

Sun Oracle StorEdge 3510 FC, 6130, J4200, J4400, J4500, 3120, 3310, 3320, 3511 FC, 6020/6120, 6320, 6910, 6920, 9970/9980, 9985, 9990, A1000, A3500, A5000, A5100, A5200, D1000, D2, D240, S1, T3, L400, 6180-4p
Sun Oracle StorageTek 2501, 2510, 2530, 2540, 2540 M2, 6140, 6540


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Business Benefits

Storage device with paper
  • Proprietary call-home tool for proactive alert and error analysis is included
  • Products supported as long as parts are available
  • Reduce hardware costs by 50% or more (lowering OpEx)
  • Extend the lifespan of your equipment and postpone technology refresh
  • Response time – Our initial call response is within 30 minutes of incident initiation
  • Rapid routing – We respond rapidly and engage the appropriate support team to resolve the incident, so there’s no endless stream of scripted responses resulting in prolonged outage
  • Onsite delivery – A field engineer is typically onsite within two hours of the initial call, and our average time to resolve is less than four hours
  • Contract and vendor consolidation with flexible contract terms, so you can mix and match service levels within a single location

Standard Features

  • Onsite labor
  • Onsite parts replacement
  • Remote and onsite troubleshooting
  • Call-home monitoring
  • Defective media retention

Optional Features

  • Dedicated spares onsite
  • Dedicated labor onsite
  • Software support
  • Hardware upgrades with installation services
  • Asset disposition

Enhanced Software Support Solutions

  • Curvature can provide optional enhanced support solutions for Solaris 8, 9, and 10 operating systems software.
  • Level 3 telephone support through strategic alliances with organizations specializing on these platforms, some of whom own the source code.
  • Eliminate the need to go back to the manufacturer for a software support agreement and review your options beforehand.

Why Curvature

Meet Curvature
  • 250+ badged field engineers (less than 10% contracted labor)
  • Global central engineering team provides development, training, and Level 3 support
  • Wholly-owned spare parts inventory (non-shared logistics) located around the globe in 100+ Service Locations
  • Continual hands-on technical training conducted in our labs on live gear
  • Comprehensive development methodology to define support capabilities for all roadmap products, prior to support commitment

Customer Resources

Curvature ClearView implementation icon


Identify support risks and make maintenance strategy recommendations with ClearView

Curvature singlePoint contract management icon


Track service activity and make contract management simple.

Curvature Remote Enterprise Monitoring icon

Remote Hardware Monitoring

Decrease IT involvement by using Curvature’s automated event management system to process hardware notifications and fixes.

Curvature is the world’s largest global TPM provider. According to Gartner, “Using a TPM can have significant benefits, including hard dollar savings, the ability to escape OEM postwarranty maintenance increases, the ability to extend the life of IT assets, and having additional flexibility in contract structure.”

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“Curvature has always been there for me with what I need. I can always count on my account manager to provide me with good solutions for hardware I need, when I need it, at a price point that is hard to beat with a lifetime warranty to boot!"

—Network Operation Engineer, Healthcare Company

Centralized asset and service management

Consistent support model built around Curvature's singlePoint tool

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Are you an authorized support provider?

Yes, with certain manufacturers. Our engineering team is composed of former manufacturer engineers who have found a home with us.

Can you provide firmware updates?

No. Firmware is the intellectual property of the manufacturer. We will gladly perform a ClearView analysis of an estate to identify risks so customers can determine if firmware updates are needed.

Are your parts manufacturer-certified?

Yes. We utilize original parts, with manufacturer model and firmware. We do not alter or replace parts with non-original components.

Do you stock parts locally?

Yes. Our service centers are stocking locations where we stock high-failure components locally.

What does your four-hour onsite response include?

Our onsite response service level includes a qualified field engineer with the appropriate tools to begin remediation.

Do you support servers during the warranty period? And is there a price break?

Yes. If it is a product we support, then the warranty status does not matter. We have an aggressive pricing structure — 50% lower.

What will I lose by leaving the manufacturer and signing with Curvature?

With some exception, you may no longer have access to firmware updates. But by partnering with us, you will lose the high cost and headaches associated with following the manufacturer’s timelines.

Storage Maintenance At-A-Glance


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