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Networking Solutions

Consolidating IT resources and standardizing on platforms across your network, while maintaining availability and application uptime, are common projects in the modern corporation.  Whether you're streamlining and optimizing networking equipment in a single location or distributing computer and networking resources across multiple remote sites, IT managers need creative yet simple networking solutions to optimize the capacity and performance of their networks.  Curvature can help you utilize your IT staff and resources more efficiently, as well as provide gains in visibility, time and performance, and business continuity with our broad line of networking products and services.  From deploying, configuring, provisioning, and maintaining resources, to addressing compliance requirements and adhering to industry regulations, we are here to help.

Key Product Lines & Partnerships:

Cisco, Arista Networks, Dell EMC, Juniper, and Curvature products and services



Infrastructure Consolidation and Upgrade
Curvature can help you create enormous cost benefits and efficiencies within your network by providing various options and alternatives to your existing infrastructure challenges.  We start by understanding your business and application requirements, and ensuring that you have the right equipment and capabilities to support them.  With the ability to provide tested and proven products alongside the newest technologies, Curvature can create hybrid, customized solutions designed specifically for you.
  • Utilize Curvature support for legacy gear to extend the life of your network
  • Substitute and upgrade to more current generations instead of buying new
  • Utilize trained pre-sales and design professionals for configuration services

Key Product Lines & Partnerships: Cisco, Arista Networks, Dell, Juniper, and Curvature products and services
Platform Migration
Are you feeling trapped in your IT strategy?  Don't let a single-vendor solution force you down a path that does not meet your budget or your needs.  Curvature has access to a variety of products and partnerships with different manufacturers that will allow you to take control of your network and make your own decisions. We can be your primary source for all of the products and services that your network requires – today and into the future.
  • Next-generation options for aging and EoL product lines
  • Simple, specialized, best-of-breed alternatives to confusing manufacturer product roadmaps
  • Migration to high-bandwidth platforms - 10 Gigabit Ethernet and above
  • Incorporation of virtualized products and solutions

Key Product Lines & Partnerships: Cisco, Arista Networks, Dell, VMware, Silver Peak and Curvature products and services
Load Balancing and WAN Optimization
Application performance and data acceleration in the data center and WAN is of paramount importance to IT managers and executives.  Technology and Business Decision Makers wrestle with the best way to add, consolidate, and/or optimize their data centers – and get the most availability and highest performance out of their mission-critical applications. When it comes to Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) and WAN Optimization products, there is a good chance they are using first-generation products that are proprietary and expensive. Don't be a prisoner to these outdated and overpriced products. At Curvature, we have partnered with up-and-coming manufacturers to offer next-generation ADCs and Data Acceleration solutions that integrate seamlessly into your data center and IT strategy.
  • High-performance, scalable solutions based on powerful open standards software
  • Advanced application performance and compatibility
  • Software and virtualized offerings

Key Product Lines & Partnerships: A10 Networks, Silver Peak



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