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Randi Mitev

Randi Mitev, VP, Global Marketing
Randi Mitev
VP, Global Marketing

Randi Mitev, VP, Global Marketing, heads Curvature's marketing team. She joined Curvature in March 2014 to execute the company's first rebrand. 2017 was the year Curvature merged with its largest competitor, and Randi oversaw the second rebrand and integration of multiple companies into the new identity. Randi skillfully brings Curvature's brand to new heights while successfully and consistently articulating the company's value proposition to customers, prospects, partners, and industry analysts worldwide.

Before joining the information technology sector, Randi's collaborative management skills and diverse background led her to leadership roles in fashion, photography, and advertising. She worked for Ann Taylor & Loft and Shootdigital during her 17 years in New York City.


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