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Asset Disposition

Solution Overview | ITAD

Our comprehensive IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) service includes data center hardware storage, asset re-deployment, secure on-site or off-site data destruction, equipment recycling and hardware resale. Choose the services you need to fill gaps in your ITAD strategy, or let us handle the process from beginning to end.

Key Features

Decommissioning of computing devices 

  • Range of devices include mainframes and large storage arrays down to end-user computing (EUC) devices (laptops, desktops, phones, etc.) 

Process include hard-drive erasure and destruction

  • Certified process | Lock box services | Secure chain of custody

Devices can be repurposed, resold, or recycled  

  • Recycling meets or exceeds environmental laws

Full range of services from de-install, packing, transportation, processing, and certificates of erasure / destruction 


See printable PDF version of our ITAD services here. 

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