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Cisco UCS C-Series and Options: Rack Servers

The Cisco UCS rack servers give the customer flexibility in configuration and easy scalability. It’s optimized for large datasets; ideal deployments include large storage architectures, software-defined storage and cloud storage. Overall the Cisco UCS rack servers improve total cost of ownership (TCO) and increase business agility.



UCS Servers


2nd Gen


3rd Gen

UCSC-C22-M3S, UCSC-C24-M3S, UCSC-C220-M3S, UCSC-C220-M3L C260-BASE-2646

4th Gen

UCSC-C220-M4L, UCSC-C220-M4S, UCSC-C240-M4SX, UCSC-C240-M4S2, UCSC-C240-M4S, UCSC-C240-M4L, UCSC-C460-M4

Curvature offers a complete line of new surplus and pre-owned Cisco UCS Rack servers and upgrades. We provide fully configured servers to meet any requirement so that you have the choice to order whatever form factor or footprint needed. Equipment arrives at your door fully tested and configured, deployable out of the box.

With the ability to offer pre-owned and new surplus equipment at 40 to 75% off list price, Curvature can source and configure high-quality gear for any customer configuration or requirement, without the long lead times. At the same time, you can optimize any system to meet your requirements that will fit your budget.

We stock Cisco servers in our distribution centers located in North America, Europe and Asia - enabling quick delivery to any major city in the world. Your equipment arrives assembled, configured, tested to your specifications, and ready for immediate deployment. Every chassis and component is tested for performance and reliability, and all products are covered by a lifetime warranty. Curvature also offers optional NetSure maintenance and support services customized to any product, solution, or budget.

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