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We are delighted to announce that Curvature is joining Park Place Technologies.



Assessments - IT Applications & Systems

Transform the way you find, inventory and manage your IT assets.

Curvature’s infrastructure assessment service is an all-encompassing, manufacturer-independent, integrated discovery across server, storage and network. We provide a snapshot of the user’s current systems, utilization and interdependency maps between their application and systems. The service combines tool-based discovery with technical Subject Matter Experts (SME) to analyze and interpret collected data, with the assessment focused on optimization and overall IT and business strategy.

Business Benefits

  • Global service reach
  • Expert analysis and guidance
  • Decrease costs by increasing utilization of existing assets
  • Mitigate potential risks and issues in your infrastructure
  • Identify performance problems before they impact your users

Service Details

Deep Analysis

Strategic partnerships with leading discovery tool vendors give us the ability to provide a deep-dive analysis across server, storage and network, including application on dependency mapping.

Customer-Focused Technology Solutions

Curvature is not driven by a manufacturer quota to sell products. Our discovery and assessments are hassle-free and focus on your needs.

Worldwide Coverage

Whether performing an onsite survey or auto discovery, our global reach means we can support any project.

Why Curvature

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  • Partnerships with multiple tool vendors to ensure we have a discovery product that meets your requirements and budget.
  • Manufacturer-neutral discovery and assessment means we do not have an agenda behind suggesting one manufacturer's hardware over another's. Our assessments are unbiased.
  • Our technical SMEs are proficient in multiple manufacturer technologies, spanning server, storage, network, wireless and various operating systems.
  • The Curvature Professional Services team can leverage findings to inform design and implementation.
  • Global capabilities to perform an onsite survey or an auto discovery - our global reach means we can support any project.

“We were using Curvature for a migration project and our OEM didn't want a third party to move their gear and wanted to charge us much more. We had Curvature do an assessment of our maintenance with the OEM and they found that putting the equipment on Curvature maintenance not only solved this problem but we were able to fund almost the entire migration with the savings!"

- VP, IT, Major Investment Company

Saved 40% on support costs

Reduced migration price with credit

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