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We are delighted to announce that Curvature is joining Park Place Technologies.




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Curvature’s Professional Services can assess your IT infrastructure and cloud environments to ensure you are maximizing existing capacities, are aligned with architecture best practices and optimizing costs.

Do more with less. Less resources, less time and less money. That seems to be the IT mantra these days, but that’s where Curvature’s Optimization services can help. Leveraging a suite of tools, our Professional Services team are experts at assessing your current IT infrastructure and cloud environments to identify budget friendly ways to gain performance, reduce costs and extend the life of your IT assets. Whether you need more performance out of your network, compute, storage or cloud platforms, our process of: discover, assess, design and implement has saved our clients millions on unneeded upgrades or refreshes.

Spending more in the cloud than you planned for?
Our Cloud Spend service has saved our client’s at least 30% on their AWS, Azure or Google cloud spend every month.

Storage Performance

Curvature’s Storage Performance Assessment takes a wholistic view of your storage environment through the use of our discovery and assessment tools and our storage architects to analyze the data. Our vendor neutral position means an unbiased assessment that focuses on maximizing your existing storage by:

  • Reviewing current architecture for best practices
  • Implementing performance improvements through configuration changes, application load adjustments and workload balancing

Identifying additional capacity or performance improvements where needed.

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Cloud Spend

Would you like to reduce your cloud spend by 30%? Our Cloud Spend service, powered by CloudLogic, goes beyond just using a tool to identify cost savings. Most tools only account for 3 out of 10 overspend categories. Our assessment process uses a proprietary interactive dashboard highlights cost savings generated over time, through a focused effort on:

  • Reviewing overall cloud architecture and cloud management
  • Right-sizing workloads (overallocated and misallocated)
  • Identifying workloads that benefit from long-term commitments
  • Identifying and eliminating unused resources
  • Developing transport strategies to reduce egress costs
  • Implementing preferred consumption models
  • Driving accountability with business units
  • Prioritizing opportunities by size, risk and investment

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Why Curvature

Meet Curvature
  • Remove the constant pressure to invest in costly refreshes by getting more life out of your existing infrastructure.
  • Over three decades of real-time experience supporting IT infrastructure, globally.
  • Unbiased client perspective, with no hidden agenda to sell unneeded hardware or software.
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