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We are delighted to announce that Curvature is joining Park Place Technologies.



Cloud Spend

28%. That’s what most organization are overspending on public cloud.1 Curvature’s Cloud Spend Optimization eliminates unnecessary Operating Expense (OpEx) through three dimensions of analysis. Cloud Spend Optimization takes a comprehensive approach to driving cost out of all of your cloud environments.

Curvature’s Cloud Spend Optimization, powered by CloudLogic, uses a combination of tools and cloud data to identify, target and eliminate unnecessary cloud costs. Today’s cloud tools are tactical in nature, identifying 3 of 10 overspend categories. Our approach brings a strategic dimension in analyzing architectural implications, cloud operations processes and cloud supporting tools costs. Identified opportunities are illustrated on an interactive dashboard highlighting the savings generated over time as well as highlighting bottlenecks in other potential unrealized savings. Cloud Spend Optimization offers immediate and significant ROI that multiplies over time as well as ongoing and cumulative savings.

Designed as short-term engagement project, Cloud Spend Optimization minimizes risk while establishing an ongoing program that will have tangible results and impact on budget and revenue.

Engagement Process

Cloud Spend Optimization enables data empowered decisions that drive consensus and a clear path to achieve optimized results.

Focus areas include:

  • Interviews to develop context with the Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE), cloud operations and business stake holders to understand the current operational state and verify business goals and objectives
  • Monitoring and billing analysis to identifying workloads that are over-allocated, misallocated or unused resources that can be optimized including compute resources, storage and other platform services
  • Architectural reviews and recommendations that are aligned and optimized for cloud architecture best practices and business goals/objectives, to drive additional cost savings or cost avoidance
  • Financial analysis to identify workloads that would financially benefit from long term commitments, resource scheduling and/or pre-emptibility. Implementing preferred consumption models to reduce unit cost or gain additional purchase benefits
  • Transparency and accountability, run as a program, to motivate action and deliver consistent results.
  • Dashboard reporting, powered by CloudLogic’s proprietary Cloud Spend Optimization dashboards, highlighting the potential opportunities, savings generated over time and ongoing bottlenecks in interactive dashboards

1 RightScale State of the Cloud Report 2019

Why Curvature

Meet Curvature
  • Powered by CloudLogic to bring together a combined team focused on a vendor-neutral approach to drive cost savings and efficiencies. Interactive dashboards to track opportunities, highlight bottlenecks and demonstrate results
  • Focus on people, process and technology for a holistic approach to spend optimization
  • Unbiased client perspective, with no hidden agenda to sell unneeded hardware or software
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