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What does Curvature mean?

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What does Curvature mean:

  • Curvature is about deviation – our solutions deviate from established industry norm
  • Curvature is about flexibility – offering custom IT products | services | solution that meet their needs
  • Curvature is about breadth – providing end-to-end solutions across network and data center environments
  • Curvature is about the future – building strategies for clients that help them navigate the IT roadmap and digital transformation ahead.
  • Curvature is about global capabilities – we think global but act local

Before today, we were an amalgamation of companies providing IT services across the globe.  Today we are integrated into one. Together, we are the undisputed global leader in independent, multi-vendor support solutions. We are 4X larger than the next largest provider of third-party maintenance and secondary data center equipment.
We are the only provider in the market that can deliver network, server & storage solutions at scale, with a global footprint. Now, we can expedite problem resolutions to customers worldwide with hands-on, local support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We Enable IT Freedom to our clients, providing them with alternatives and new strategies in the IT market that empower them so they can invest more time and resources in technology and business innovation.  

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