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We are delighted to announce that Curvature is joining Park Place Technologies.



Corporate Fact Sheet

Curvature is transforming how companies manage, maintain and upgrade equipment and support for multi-vendor, multinational networks and data centers.

At a time of competing IT priorities, companies need to be nimble, efficient and smart with their spend. Putting budget toward technology upgrades that give you a significant increase in performance while maintaining assets that are working is a winning strategy for your IT Infrastructure and your bottom line. A strategic partner for more than 15,000 organizations globally, we specialize in delivering 24/7 global technical support, advanced hardware replacement, and complete lifecycle management of networking and data center equipment under one contract.

Company Size

Total staff: 1,600

Offices in 12 countries: Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, India, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Singapore, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States

Global support100+ staffed service locations with W-2 engineers throughout the world for parts with labor partnerships in place

20 languages spoken: Bahasa (Indonesian), Cantonese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Mandarin, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil, Telugu, Turkish.


More than 15,000 organizations worldwide rely on Curvature, including large enterprises, government entities, educational institutions, healthcare organizations, financial organizations, retail organizations, technology organizations, and telecommunications service providers.


24/7 Global Critical Hardware Support


Server maintenance solutions that span from complex, legacy servers down to industry standard (x86) servers.


Comprehensive break/fix support, spanning most hardware platforms from leading manufacturers.


Maintenance and support to provide flexible, full coverage, customized for your network needs.

(Pre-Owned & New)


Power and run your IT infrastructure more efficiently, cost effectively and flexibly with Curvature.


Storage solutions that offer you best of breed, fully tested, at dramatic cost savings.


We can create hybrid, customized Network solutions designed specifically for you.

Curvature Brand

Our products provide customers cost-effective alternatives to traditional equipment manufacturers.

Flexible, Dependable
IT Services from Curvature


Focus on what you know. That’s our approach to Strategic Services, which has been shaped through real-world experience supporting IT infrastructure for thousands of clients worldwide


Curvature’s project-based services are focused on an unbiased approach in assisting clients with supporting their assets, allowing them to extend the lifecycle of their hardware and optimize their IT infrastructure.


Curvature transforms the task of implementation so you can focus on the future.


IMAC, Health Checks, Remote Hands and Staff Augmentation


Curvature’s Professional Services can assess your IT infrastructure and cloud environments to ensure you are maximizing existing capacities, are aligned with architecture best practices and optimizing costs.


Chris Adams – President and Chief Executive Officer
Hal Malstrom – Chief of Staff and Interim General Manager, Curvature
Paul Elstone – Chief Commercial Officer & General Manager, EMEA
Wayne Scalf – Executive Vice President, Service Delivery
Sachi Thompson – General Manager, Global Hardware
Elizabeth Austin – Chief Information Officer


North America

Charlotte, United States (global headquarters)
Santa Barbara, United States


Amsterdam, Netherlands
Birmingham, United Kingdom
London, United Kingdom
Skanderborg, Denmark


Beijing, China

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2810 Coliseum Centre Drive Suite 600 28217 Charlotte, NC
+1(704)921-1620 [email protected]