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Discovery - Your IT Environment Uncovered

Automated and manual Discovery solutions designed to provide the right level of detail about your IT environment to enable fact-based decision-making to drive IT strategy and transformation.

Curvature Discovery is an all-encompassing, manufacturer-independent solution that leverages intelligent auto-discovery to collect detailed information across applications and IT infrastructure (compute, VM, cloud, storage, network and end-user devices). Our comprehensive approach to discovery focuses on People, Process and Technology, to create the most accurate view of your environment. Our team of discovery experts are not only tool savvy but experts at collaborating with business and application owners to collect relevant human intelligence that cannot be auto-discovered.

Technology, Auto-Discovery, powered by VIRIMA, is an agentless discovery product that uses machine intelligence to uncover your organization’s IT assets. Deployed by our team of experts, Auto-Discovery captures virtual and physical assets, including applications and services, and automatically creates dynamic visualizations for application dependency, business service and communication maps.

Curvature Discovery is the starting point to numerous IT and cloud transformations, IT Asset Management (ITAM) and assessment projects. The most important question for initiating a discovery project is: What will this information be used for afterwards? How will this information benefit my business?

Discovery Levels

We offer various levels of discovery based on the business case of your organization. Whether you need a quick discovery to support a hardware or software renewal, compliance audit or a deep dive assessment of your entire environment to support a data center or cloud transformation, we have the people, process and technology to support it.

Level 1
Basic Discovery

A basic auto-discovery of the physical and virtual assets deployed in your data center(s), cloud, edge and end-user devices it generates an inventory list that can be imported into a CMDB or used for other purposes. Or simply leave VIRIMA deployed in your environment for continuous discovery, and manage your assets with its native CMDB.

Level 2
Dependency Mapping

A basic discovery + auto-discovery of applications and services running in your environment, with rich visual dependency maps, communication flows and business service maps.

Level 3
Advance Discovery

A more in-depth process to verify auto-discovery and manually capture key data from app owners and IT resources, such as RTO/RPO, maintenance windows, DR testing, maintenance contracts, licensing, etc.

Discovery Use Cases

Whether your organization needs to capture basic asset data for an audit, implement a full ITAM solution, or plan data center or cloud transformation, our Discovery service is the first step to achieve your goal.

  • Data center or cloud migration, consolidation, relocation
  • Mergers and acquisitions (due diligence, IT assessment, integration planning, data center or cloud transformation)
  • Infrastructure assessment (uncover risks, issues, performance, etc.)
  • Implementing a new CMDB or complete ITAM solution
  • Infrastructure optimization
  • Optimize software contracts and licensing
  • Compliance audit (HIPAA, PCI)
  • Infrastructure integration planning
  • Seed or validate a CMBD
  • CIO/CTO change (validate what he/she has)
  • Maintenance assessment
  • Cisco renewal
  • Cloud strategy/migration
  • Disaster recovery strategy/planning
  • Technology/platform refresh

IT Services Discovery At-A-Glance


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