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Cisco Network Maintenance

24/7 support of router, switch, and wireless networking devices including parts, labor and remote technical support.

Customer Challenges

Whether you are in procurement or a technical role, below are some common pain points we solve.

Customer Need | Pain Point Procurement Technical
One Number to call regardless of support provider  
Defer CapEx and Forced HW upgrades based on EoX dates
Scripted low-level TAC  
Having to prove a hardware failure before Cisco ships a replacement  
Paying for software that is free, or no longer being updated  
Cost savings without sacrificing quality  

Business Benefits

  • Upgrade hardware on your schedule, not based on Cisco’s End-of-Support dates
  • No need to prepay for 3 years to get the best possible pricing (free up cash flow)
  • Dramatically reduce support cost without sacrificing service levels

Key Features

Response: 4HR | NBD

  • Includes: Defective hardware replacement (in Forward Stocking Locations) | Remote technical support
  • Optional: Onsite service


  • ClearView℠ tool provides objective, verifiable data on which items belong on independent support, and which ones you should keep on SMARTnet®
  • Technical assistance centers staffed with certified support engineers
  • One-number-to-call eliminates complexity of integrating a third party into your support model
  • 200+ Forward Stocking Locations (that house our spare parts) and 100+ Service Centers worldwide
  • Extensive testing procedures ensure all spare parts have lower failure rates than brand-new hardware
  • TL 9000 Certified Quality Management System
  • 800+ Field Engineers globally (many of whom are Cisco Certified Technicians)
  • Capability to expand into new geographies rapidly
Questions Answers
Do I need SMARTnet to get software updates? No. Cisco’s IOS updates are free for its LAN switches from 2960s up to 4500s. We have also found that 40-60% of the devices on our clients’ SMARTnet contracts were no longer receiving new software updates.
What if I want to work with one support provider only? Curvature makes the process seamless with our one-number-to-call service (Concierge Desk). You can call us whether the device is covered by Curvature or SMARTnet. We can open cases on your behalf with Cisco.
How do you support new technology like my Nexus 9300 platform? Simple; we do not. We will always recommend new platforms stay on SMARTnet.
We have to be PCI compliant. Does that mean I need SMARTnet? PCI standards require you to patch any known vulnerabilities. Cisco makes patches available for free through its PSIRT notices.
Are End-of -Life assets the main devices you support? No. That is only a fraction of what we support. For example, we support LAN switches from day 1. Most of the devices we support are in-life.
Is the best strategy for you to support my edge devices, and Cisco to support my core? No, not necessarily. For example, 6500-E switches no longer get software updates and are perfect for independent support.
According to Cisco, you don’t have the right to convey the software license on the spares you provide. Is that correct? Our belief is that software is sold and does transfer with the sale of hardware under the “First Sale Doctrine” under US Copyright law.
Why should I consider your support if my entire network is critical, and I only trust Cisco’s SMARTnet? With NetSure, our value is in the hardware replacement of your devices. Our spare parts are quality tested and have a lower failure rate than the manufacturer. Our logistics has faster delivery time with data to prove it.

Supported Networking Platforms

Routing: Pre-ISR (2600, 3600, 3700) ISR-G1 (800xx, 2800xx, 3800xx) ISR-G2(1900xx, 2900xx, 3900xx) ISR -G3 (4200xx, 4300xx, 4400xx) 7200VXRxx, 7300xx, 7600xx, 12000xx ASR900xx, ASR1000xx, ASR9000xx

Switching: All Switches (1900xx, 2900xx, 2960xx, 3560xx, 3650xx, 3750xx, 3850xx, 4000xx, 4500xx, 6500xx) Nexus 2000xx, 5000xx, 5500xx

Voice: Voice Gateways (VG-2xx, AS5xxx)

Security: ASA55xx

Storage: MDS9100, MDS9200, MDS9300, MDS9500

Wireless: Controllers (CT55xx, WLC2100, WLC4400)

Wireless Access Point: (APxxxx, CAPxxxx Series)


Server Maintenance  |  Storage Maintenance  |  Network Maintenance

See printable PDF version of our Third Party Maintenance offerings here. 


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