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Don’t let your maintenance contracts lapse.

Contract Renewals

Has your company laid out its 2019 Infrastructure strategy yet? Let us help organize your IT maintenance calendar. Our experts will assist with:

  • Reviewing all current contracts
  • Providing clarity on what should remain on manufacturer maintenance support
  • Uncovering what assets should be moved to an independent maintenance contract 
  • Ensuring you get the most out of your maintenance and support contracts


Is it time for a hardware refresh?

ClearView℠, our proprietary tool, helps identify opportunities for cost savings without sacrificing service levels. ClearView applies objective and verifiable criteria to identify devices that no longer benefit from having manufacturer support and can be maintained by independent support. Our philosophy is transparency. Learn which devices can move safely to independent support, and which items should remain on manufacturer support. It is a hybrid strategy that balances varying levels of risk and quantifiable savings.

You don’t want surprises when it comes to running your data center. Maintain uninterrupted service and get started on the renewal process today. Email your current Curvature Account Manager to streamline your contract renewal. 

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Let's get started

Questions? Email us or call for a quote:

North America: +1 800 230 6638
Europe, Middle East and Africa: +31 (0)20 449 9292
Asia Pacific: +65 6411 7388