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Time to Renew your Maintenance & Support Contracts

Time to Renew your Maintenance & Support Contracts

Contract consolidation. Billing simplified. Customized support to save you up to 70%.

Contract Renewals

Contract RenewalsJanuary 2018 is right around the corner! Plan ahead and consider incorporating third-party maintenance into your IT environment.  

  • Less work
  • Less risk
  • Less expense
  • Very little compromise

It's simply a smart strategy.  

To further validate the importance of considering a third-party maintenance support strategy, read "Gartner's Market Guide for Data Center and Network Third-Party Maintenance Hardware." 

Ensure that you are well positioned to:

  • Refine your asset list and confirm inventory changes across all of your networking, server & storage devices
  • Consolidate multiple contracts into one master contract (if desired)
  • Review your current service levels to see if they are meeting your current business needs
  • Identify where a manufacturer may be suggesting a premature or unnecessary hardware upgrade

Your maintenance contract should not be static. Curvature's flexible contracts allow you to constantly customize your contract to meet your growing and changing business needs.

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