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Server Maintenance

All of your Server Maintenance Needs in One Contract

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Curvature is recognized as the global top performer for independent third party maintenance and support for servers within the data center. 

Our HPE, Dell EMC, Lenovo, and Cisco server maintenance solutions span from complex, legacy servers down to industry servers (x86) with options such as call-home monitoring and software support. Our delivery is over 95% direct globally, with less than 5% requiring assistance through partners.

 Customer Need | Pain Point Procurement Technical
Vendor consolidation | One number to call 
Post-warranty support costs increasing   
End of Support Life (EoSL) by manufacturer 
Slow, scripted response   
Lack of local spare parts  
Loss of skills (retiring)   
Vendor agnostic provider  

Business Benefits

expand life Contract products supported Faster Support Reduce Cost
  • Extend the lifespan of your equipment
  • Postpone technology refresh
  • Perform CapEx investments
  • Contract and vendor consolidation
  • Flexible contract terms
  • Mix and match service levels within a single location
  • Products supported as long as parts are available
  • Faster call-to-dispatch times
  • Reduce hardware costs by 50% or more (lowering OpEx)

Key Features

Response: 4HR | NBD

  • Includes: Defective parts replacement (PSU, HDD, RAM, HBA/NIC, CPU, M/B) | Remote technical support
  • Optional: Onsite service | Call-home monitoring

Our Differentiation

People, Parts, and Process

  • 800+ badged Field Engineers (less than 5% contracted labor)
  • Global Central Engineering team provides development, training, and Level 3 support
  • Wholly-owned spare parts inventory (non-shared logistics) located around the globe in 100+ Service Centers
  • Continual hands-on technical training conducted in our labs on live gear
  • Comprehensive development methodology to define support capabilities for all roadmap products, prior to support commitment


  • ClearViewSM to identify support risks and make maintenance strategy recommendations
  • singlePoint portal to track service activity, and make contract management simple


  • Recognized by Gartner as a "Top Performer" in Data Center Third-Party Maintenance

Industry Standard Servers (x86)

Intel (or AMD) x86-based supported products consist of Rackmount, Tower, and Blade form factors, as well as trending multi-node Microservers. Examples of typical server families:

Current development of supported models include vendors that make products based on the Open Compute Project (OCP) and Open19 project, such as Quanta, Super Micro, Huawei, Penguin, and WiWynn.

Complex Servers (Enterprise)

Curvature supports the majority of proprietary, legacy servers found within complex data centers. Optional support services available: Remote Enterprise Monitoring (REM) and enhanced software support solutions.

Enhanced Software Support Solutions

Level 3 telephone support through strategic alliances with organizations specializing on these platforms, some of whom own the source code.

Curvature can provide enhanced support solutions for the following operating systems software:

IBM: AIX, OS/400
Oracle: Solaris 8, 9 and 10

Eliminate the need to go back to the manufacturer for a software support agreement and review your options beforehand.

Server Maintenance  |  Storage Maintenance  |  Network Maintenance

See printable PDF version of our Server Maintenance offerings here:


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