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Strategy Workshops

Are you considering Digital or Cloud Transformation? Do you need to develop a business case and technology roadmap that delivers rapid results across cost, time and resources needed for a digital transformation initiative?

Major IT transformation programs require business cases and significant investments in budget, time and resources. For most organizations, this is a once in a lifetime endeavor, and figuring out where to start is hard. Our Strategy Workshops are 2-week engagements designed to kick-start a digital transformation and other IT initiatives, with actionable outcomes, not pie in the sky concepts. They are purpose-built to be a cost-effective foundation to launch programs such as cloud, hybrid cloud, data center transformation or digital infrastructure management.

Our onsite workshops which include surveys, consensus building and defining outcomes, consist of the following:

Workshop Activities
Workshop Deliverables
  • Surveys of current business and IT stakeholders
  • Key focus goals
  • Application and infrastructure reviews
  • Discussion of potential cloud platforms
  • Consideration of hosting models
  • Planning, prioritization and goals
  • Initial Roadmap – major milestones and timeline
  • Program estimates (budget) and resource requirements
  • Strategic approach for digital transformation
  • Governance concepts
  • Technology POC/pilot recommendations

Our Workshops

Workshops range between $15,000 – $30,000 depending on the goals and scope of the engagement. In some cases, a portion of the workshop fees are credited for a future engagement, such as implementing the roadmap, leading the transformation initiative, or conducting a detailed discovery of your IT infrastructure and applications.

Workshop Types

Cloud Strategy

Cloud Strategy is for organizations that need to develop or refine a cloud strategy and roadmap that identifies cloud-native platforms and technologies, program structure and measurable milestones to accelerate a Cloud Transformation program. This workshop is designed for organizations that are looking to align business, technology and strategic corporate goals.


Already have a cloud strategy and a good handle on your IT assets and application dependencies? The next step is to determine the optimal placement for your applications and services (apps, business services and data) and services. Here is where we consider various platforms like AWS, Azure, Google, private cloud, on-prem, SaaS, etc. as options to migrate workloads. This workshop defines the selection criteria (costs, security, compliance, latency, etc.), develops a decision tree and scoring matrix, and takes three to four workloads through the process.

Cloud Migration & Transformation

Cloud Migration & Transformation is a “readiness” workshop to illustrate the data elements, analysis and planning process by utilizing best practices to develop a plan for a successful transformation and/or migration. The workshop will demonstrate the requirements for building an iterative transformation roadmap to accompany a migration plan. Using information provided by the client, the workshop is designed to work closely with the infrastructure and application team to develop a migration blueprint for an application/service.

Cloud Spend Optimization

Spending too much on public cloud services or not realizing the full benefits of your cloud deployment(s)? Our workshop and proof of concept for cloud cost optimization will develop a program to eliminate waste from existing public cloud environments and deploy a proof of concept project to identify and measure opportunities for savings.

Data Center Consolidation/Migration

Mergers, acquisitions, or organic growth leads to operating too many data centers, which is costly and inefficient. Shutting down data centers requires knowledge and experience. This workshop uncovers the current state of your infrastructure and applications, and develops a strategy to consolidate and optimize your digital infrastructure. Curvature’s consultants will develop a roadmap, designed to your objectives, whether that’s a hybrid IT environment or a reduction in physical data centers, we’ll develop the scope, budget and timeline to meet your requirements

Hybrid IT/Digital Transformation

Modernizing and optimizing your infrastructure and applications requires a holistic view of your portfolio of IT services, using a combination of public cloud, private cloud and traditional data center services. This workshop focuses on developing a plan to align business and IT goals. Through a combination of architecture development, application roadmaps, SaaS capabilities and other technology options to transform IT’s portfolio of services.

Data Infrastructure Management

Data Infrastructure Management is for organizations considering managed services for on-premises, edge and IaaS cloud resources. This workshop will identify the cost savings and pricing models available, risks and key services that your organization should consider when exploring managed services options for network, compute, storage and/or cloud environment.

IT Asset Management (ITAM)

IT Asset Management (ITAM) helps companies understand the benefits of an ITAM program, the step to formalize a program, and an assessment of where you are today against future goals. This includes diving into your current assets and applications, what auto-discovery tools are used, CMDB update process and change management. This workshop helps organizations understand how an ITAM program can address security, compliance and quickly handle internal or external audit requests to drive cost savings.

Colocation Data Center Selection

Thinking about going from an on-premises data center to colocation, or switching colocation providers? Our colocation selection workshop helps jump start the process of gathering needed data, assessing options and developing a list of requirements (technical, security, locations, services, etc.) that you can use for an RFP or to begin evaluating colo providers.

Why Curvature

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  • Our vendor-neutral unbiased approach means we develop solutions that are right for you, not driven by vendor quotas or agendas.
  • Curvature and our strategic partners have deep industry experience and knowledge in cloud, hybrid IT and data center transformation.
  • Quickly transition from workshop to full project, while reusing the materials and knowledge gained from the workshop.
  • Global capabilities to scale programs to meet your business needs.
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