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Data Center & Cloud Migration

Curvature’s Data Center & Cloud Migration service is a comprehensive seven-phase methodology designed to support data center transformations, such as data center migrations and consolidations, cloud migrations and hybrid migrations.

Is the lease up on your current data center space? Are you planning to switch colocation providers? Operating too many data centers due to M&A or organic growth? Or considering cloud as an option? The reasons are straightforward, but the journey to an optimal end-state is complex and fraught with risk. Curvature’s data center and cloud migration programs can transform your environment leveraging our well-established migration processes and veteran migration experts. When we lead large data center consolidation or migration project, we always do so in partnership with our clients. An integrated team approach is the key to a success. You know your systems and architecture best, and when complete you’ll own it.

Our Migration Methodology fits several business cases:

  • Consolidate multiple data centers
  • Move to the cloud or create a hybrid cloud strategy
  • Build a new data center
  • Migrate from an on-premises data center to a colocation provider
  • Colocation to colocation migration

Need help assessing which strategy is right for your organization?
Curvature can assess and develop a high-level strategy, timeline and budget to build your business case for board or executive approval.

Methodology and Process Infographic

Migration Methodology

Phase 1: IT Discovery & Analysis

Our Migration Methodology starts with a complete discovery of your current IT assets, applications and dependency mapping, using our auto-discovery tool and process. This sets the baseline for the team to make fact-based decisions about future-state hardware, systems and applications. IT Discovery also consists of an onsite surveys/audits to document the physical characteristics of the data center assets.

A key component of the discovery process is to capture information about IT systems that isn’t auto-discoverable. Through the use of questionnaires and interviews, we work with your team to document human intelligence about your systems.

Phase 2: Strategy & Planning

As the project progresses into Phase 2, the team defines the migration strategy for each application or system. This is where business goals help shape the IT strategy and determine the end-state disposition for each application or system. These can be public or private cloud, application replacement, SaaS, buy new hardware for virtual migrations, etc.

Future state architecture is also developed during this phase. We can design network, compute, storage and/or cloud environments to support the migration.

Phase 3: Infrastructure Build

Based on the approved architecture from Phase 2, we can assist with the physical and logical build-out and configuration of the target environment. Our technical Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are proficient with network, compute, storage, virtualization and cloud technologies.

Phase 4: Pre-Migration

The Pre-Migration Phase is about ensuring the target environment is ready for the migrations. During this phase, our best practices are to develop runbooks for each application or system. In addition, we create detailed hour-by-hour plans for each move group, to coordinate the tasks of the all the resources involved in a given move event.

Phase 5: Migration Execution

After weeks or months of designing and planning, the actual migration to the target environment should be a non-event for your end users. Our technical teams execute based on the strategy, plan and move groups defined in the previous phases. We perform both virtual migrations and physical relocations.

All migrations are managed by experienced migration Project Managers.

Phase 6: Operations Hand-Off

Once a move group migration is complete, the Curvature team hands the application or system off to the operational support team for testing. We remain on-call to provide “hyper-care” during application and end user testing.

Our discovery tool, if not serving as the CMDB, can update your CMDB (through an API), to ensure you maintain accurate asset data.

Phase 7: Decommission

Curvature has a dedicated practice for IT Asset Disposition, that encompasses data erasure, hard drive destruction, asset recycling and asset resale. Part of the planning process is to determine what assets will no longer be needed or won’t move to the target site. For any assets remaining, Curvature is R2 Certified for responsible recycling, and we follow NIST 800-88 one-pass global standard for data erasure. Learn More About our IT Asset Disposition Service.

Why Curvature

Meet Curvature
  • Our end-to-end migration methodology is modular, meaning you can leverage our expertise and tools for only the parts of the project you need, or we can lead the entire program.
  • Over three decades of real time experience supporting IT infrastructure, globally.
  • Single vendor turn-key solutions for data center and cloud transformation.
  • We take an unbiased client perspective in our work. There’s no hidden agenda to sell unneeded hardware or software.
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