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NetSure IT Maintenance & Support for Servers and Storage in Your Data Center

Enterprise Server & Storage Support 


Cisco  ∙  HP  ∙  IBM  ∙  Dell  ∙  NetApp  ∙  EMC  ∙  Sun/Oracle

We understand that your IT is the lifeblood of your organization and our 20+ years of experience in the third-party maintenance market has allowed us to develop innovative solutions to deliver the services and hardware replacements you need to keep your business moving efficiently and effectively. Curvature's flagship support offering, NetSure®, provides our customers the ability to consolidate multiple platforms and OEMs under a single service maintenance contract. This includes enterprise server and storage solutions sold by leading OEMs such as HP™, Dell EMC™, IBM™, SUN/Oracle™, and NetApp™ and covers systems running all levels of Windows, Linux, HP-UX, Solaris, and AIX operating systems.

Why NetSure?
Our unique approach to network hardware maintenance has differentiated Curvature from the OEM and other TPMs. Our flexible options for initiating a service request include phone-based incident reporting, a single email address, and our advanced NetSure Ticketing Manager Web Portal — placing you in control of engaging the NetSure team the way that best suits your needs.

Call initiation is simple: our Help Desk agents receive your call, and their only task is to entitle the call to ensure the system information is correct. Based on your SLA, within 15 minutes of call initiation you will be contacted by one of our L3 and L4 engineers — a subject matter expert on the platform who is familiar with your problem — to begin immediate problem diagnosis and formulation of a resolution plan.

Commands to Identify Modular Components, Software and Licenses (download PDF)

Our Commitment to Quality Service includes:

  • Incredible savings—up to 70% off OEM hardware support costs
  • Flexible and customizable SLAs combined with simplified support pricing
  • A consistent SLA met rate of over 98%
  • A total commitment to 100% local sparing – regardless of whether the item:
          + is a high or low failure rate item
          + carries high costs or low costs
    Curvature guarantees it will be stocked in the local (not regional) forward-stocking location (FSL) to be available for service when it is required to be deployed.
  • Superior logistics coverage of all zones of operation – allowing for the parts and people servicing you to be onsite and on time, every time.
  • A fleet of L3 and L4 engineers with an average of over 10 years with Curvature and 20 years of experience in the IT service delivery field.
  • Worldwide coverage with Help Desk and TAC teams located in California, New York, Amsterdam, Singapore, Tokyo, and Israel.

Expand the options below to see the portfolio of servers and storage for which Curvature can provide NetSure support. Then give us a call to discuss how we can help you migrate from your current support solution to NetSure.

  • UCS B-Series M1 Blades
  • UCS B-Series M2 Blades
  • UCS B-Series M3 Blades
  • UCS B-Series Blade Chassis
  • UCS C-Series M1 Servers
  • UCS C-Series M2 Servers
  • UCS C-Series M3 Servers
  • Proliant G1 - Gen9 (DL, ML, SL)
  • C-Class Blade Infrastructure
  • C-Class Blades
  • P-Class Blade Infrastructure
  • P-Class Blades
  • HP-UX Cell Based Systems (rp/rx)
  • Integrity Systems (rx)
  • HP 9000 Systems (rp)
  • Legacy Integrity Systems (rx)
  • Legacy HP 9000 Systems (A/L/N/R/D/K)
  • AlphaServers
  • Superdome
  • EVA – All Generations
  • 3PAR StoreServ
  • MSA – All Generations
  • D2000/D3000/D6000 Enclosures
  • StoreOnce Backup
  • StoreVirtual
  • Legacy XP Disk Arrays
  • StoreAll
  • StoreEasy
  • StorEver
  • AiO, D2D
  • MSL/ESL Libraries
  • Storage Servers
  • PowerEdge (Gen1 - Gen13)
  • Rack mount Servers (R-Series)
  • Blade Servers (M-Series)
  • Blade Infrastructure (M-Series)
  • Tower Servers (T-Series)
  • MD Storage Systems
  • EqualLogic PS Series
  • PowerVault Disk
  • PowerVault Tape
  • xSeries Servers
  • RS/6000 Series
  • pSeries Servers
  • iSeries Servers
  • NetFinity Servers
  • AS/400 Series
  • DS3/4/5/8 Series
  • San Volume Controller
  • Tape Storage (TS)
  • MagStar Tape
  • FAS2000 Series
  • FAS3000 Series
  • FAS6000 Series
  • FAS8000 Series
  • FAS270
  • DS2K/DS4K Shelves
  • E2600/2700/5400
  • Clariion AX Series
  • Clariion CX3 Series
  • Clariion CX300/CX500/CX700
  • Clariion CX4 Series
  • DataDomain
  • Celerra (NX/NS)
  • Isilon
  • CDL/EDL Libraries
  • Centera
  • Sun Fire Servers
  • Sun Enterprise Servers
  • Sun Netra Servers
  • Sun Blade Servers
  • Sun SPARC Servers
  • Sun StorEdge (Disk)
  • Sun StorEdge (Tape)
  • Sun StorageTek (Disk)
  • Sun StorageTek (Tape)